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    Saw I'd mentioned to Tom C that I would post more on the past six months of recent research in the peer reviewed literature on vit C and didn't. Still won't do that as it is just too much, did look at the first page (20 studies maybe past month or two) with "vitamin C" in the title, didn't bother to look for ascorbate or sodium ascorbate. I find ten of the twenty "vitamin C" studies are worth noting and brief comment. So apologize a long post.

    1) Vitamin C Deficiency in the Brain Impairs Cognition, Increases Amyloid Accumulation and Deposition, and Oxidative Stress in APP/PSEN1 and Normally Aging Mice. Amyloid deposition is pathognomonic for Alzheimer's disease, this mouse study found "even moderate" vitamin C deficiency increased amyloid deposition and the vit C deficient mice did worse on cognition tests.
    2) Potent radioprotective effects of combined regimens of famotidine and vitamin C against radiation-induced micronuclei in mouse bone marrow erythrocytes. This should be well known but isn't. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant par excellence, radiation damage is a quintessential example of oxidative damage. This mouse study found vit C protected bone marrow against radiation damage. It is one of probably dozens of similar studies which document that vitamin C protects against radiation damage. As an aside, it has been estimated and published in the peer reviewed medical literature that the ionizing radiation dose from a whole body CT scan (marketed as a yearly preventive health check) can be depending on the scanner, equivalent to standing two miles from the epicenter of Hiroshima atomic blast. The number of excess cancers from such yearly "check-ups" have also been estimated in the literature, there is an area I might actually welcome some regulation but no matter the asylum is run by the inmates.
    3) Natural vitamin C intake and the risk of head and neck cancer: A pooled analysis in the International Head and Neck Cancer Epidemiology Consortium. "Higher intakes of vitamin C were inversely related to oral and pharyngeal (OR = 0.54, 95% CI: 0.45-0.65, for the fifth quintile category versus the first one, p for trend<0.001) and laryngeal cancers (OR = 0.52, 95% CI: 0.40-0.68, p for trend = 0.006)" So this retrospective population based study found people with higher vitamin C intake were almost half as likely to get head or neck cancer, ho hum. Important to note we aren't talking about intravenous, liposomal or multigram vitamin C doses for the effects seen in this study.
    4) High dietary intake of vitamin C suppresses age-related thymic atrophy and contributes to the maintenance of immune cells in vitamin C-deficient senescence marker protein-30 knockout mice. Mouse study showing that vitamin C helps keep the thymus healthy. The thymus is the place where immune T-cells, which have entered the vernacular since the advent of AIDS, go to mature.
    5) Co-treatment with anthocyanins and vitamin C ameliorates ethanol-induced neurodegeneration via modulation of GABAB receptor signaling in the adult rat brain. One of maybe a dozen studies showing vitamin C ameliorates alcohol toxicity. Also ameliorates smoking toxicity and helps with heroin withdrawal ... Yeehaw
    6) A New Mechanism of Vitamin C Effects on A/FM/1/47(H1N1) Virus-Induced Pneumonia in Restraint-Stressed Mice. I like the first line of the abstract, "It is well known that vitamin C could protect against influenza infection, but little is known about the mechanisms." Well known ... really. As one more aside, while I have no evidence it is my guess that large amounts of vitamin C and normalization of immune modulating vitamin D3 levels would offer some protection. especially at time of injection, against the potential toxicity of influenza and other vaccinations.
    7) Vitamin C Neuroprotection Against Dose-Dependent Glutamate-Induced Neurodegeneration in the Postnatal Brain. I believe this a relatively recent finding and is possibly more clinically relevant than it appears at first glance. Glutamate is a dietary amino acid as well as a central nervous signalling molecule. Neurosurgeon Dr. Russel Blaylock, MD, has made a compelling case that the modern industrial diet has greatly increased the amount of glutamate (monosodium glutamate and otherwise) in the diet. On the tongue, glutamate sort of acts like catnip, bringing out and enhancing flavors, (hence all the Cool Ranch GMO Doritos and the like) however it also excites all the other neurons in the central nervous system. Over time Dr. Blaylock feels this greatly increases the number of neurodegenerative diseases people experience. So in this rat study, as they say in the title, vit C protected against "Glutamate-Induced Neurodegeneration"
    8) Effect of Perioperative Vitamin C Supplementation on Postoperative Pain and the Incidence of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Literature review saying there is moderate evidence that vitamin C helps with post operative pain.
    9) The pleiotropic transcriptional response of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to vitamin C is robust and overlaps with the bacterial response to multiple intracellular stresses. As Totoalas mentioned earlier, here is yet another study showing that vitamin C is useful in treatment of Tb.
    10) Association between Vitamin C Intake and Glioma Risk: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis. Literature review finding a protective effect from increased dietary vitamin C intake and brain cancer. Again not megadoses, not IV C, just dietary variations. But hey were only talking brain tumor who would want to report on that.

    That's just two months worth of studies.

    /rant off/
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      Originally posted by ZPDM View Post

      I think that is great information and I am glad to hear you have had success with it. I personally shell out a few bucks to Livon Labs because I am trusting their quality control, though I mainly keep the liposomal in reserve now and not for daily use. The founder of Livon if you Google a bit has an interesting history, I won't go into it all but he does feel AIDS was a biological weapon. I actually disagree with him there, I think it was an opportunistic infection filling the vacuum left after things like syphilis (the AIDS of centuries past) and other STDs were banished by antibiotics. Still it gives me a sense of where he is coming from and Dr Thomas Levy, whom I have corresponded with and whom I consider a world class expert on vitamin C has supported and been a spokesman for Livon.

      Again, that's great information, might be as good as Livon's product, I am certainly not asking you to do this, but if you had a few hundred bucks to throw at it and could figure out the correct way to get it assayed, that would be a really interesting question to have answered. Is the homebrew liposomal just a mixture of oil and vitamin C or is it micelle encapsulated C? Either way, I feel certain it will be good for you, just a matter of degree.
      I would love to see that the home brewed liposomal C like what Livon labs produces - or better. That was discussed in the other thread. They purchased that other patent that was supposed to be even simpler than the Livon process and less expensive - and no special equipment needed:

      This is the patent that Livon Labs purchased:

      At the bottom of that patent page, you can see that Livon really is the new owner of the patent.

      Legal Events
      Apr 5, 2013 AS Assignment Owner name: LIVON LABORATORIES, NEVADA
      Effective date: 20110113

      From here:

      That person claims to have verified it:


      It is typically impossible for the home manufacturer to validate that they have created liposomes. However, I’m fortunate that I have access to a biological research lab and have used their microscopes to confirm liposome creation. The following is a picture of the liposomes that have been created using the Process described on this website. The picture is a little odd looking because the attached camera was broken and I had to use a standard ‘point-and-shoot’ camera.

      Liposomes we’ve created under a microscope


      Since Livon really did purchase that patent - I doubt they'd bother unless it is valid process as represented in the claims.

      What kind of magnification is necessary?
      Aaron Murakami

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        Originally posted by Aaron Murakami View Post
        That was discussed in the other thread. ... What kind of magnification is necessary?
        I thought there had been more discussion on this but couldn't find it when I scanned this thread. Yes, of course, you did mention the patent before and it didn't really sink in for me. That probably puts the issue of whether sonication based home brewed liposomal has liposomes or not to rest. May have to try that approach some day, would be interesting to use sodium ascorbate, my understanding is that is what Klenner used and what you use for IV treatment. Probably not that big a deal but it would buffer the acid. Livon was saying a year or two back that a liposomal C formulation Dr. Mercola was marketing contained no liposomes, don't know who was right or what the story was but it was disappointing.

        I don't really know the average size of a liposome and it would be dependent on how it was made, but then again it is not going to be as big as a cell or anything so I would guess about the size of a small cell organelle which would be about at the limit of what you would see at 1600x. That would fit with the microscopic picture of liposomes you attached, so unless you were making virus sized liposomes, you probably could put it under a light microscope for confirmation I suppose.


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          Thank you all for all of the awesome information