as a member of my family is facing an active EBV (they can be active or inactive), I came across that virus and found many parallels to rife's BX virus Carcinoma.
By radiesthesia we found the mortal oscillation rate of EBV to be between 50kHz and 70kHz audio frequency with the RPX generator which matches the BX virus as well.
By radiesthesia we as well found EBV=BX but this is obviously not a 100% reliable method
RPX seems to work by the way, sweeping between 50kHz and 70kHz in order to better focus than using the 'shotgun' of 100Hz to 120kHz.

My question to the community is whether anyone has some experience or evidence that could underlay the suggestion of EBV=BX.

If so, one can overlay the findings von Rife and what is known today about EBV.