In 1945 after WW2Germany, the allied occupiers as Australian soldiers, studied what the Germans were doing in the motor pool. They took the technology back to Australia and applied it to electrolysis cells to make higher efficiency hydrogen gas. Their electrical power generators were running on water electrolysis cell in the out back with out any regular power lines. Seems that air injected/pumped into ions solution releases nitrogen, as air is 78% Nitrogen. 2nd fuel is generated as Nitrogen Hydroxide as well as Hydrogen . This allows engine to be self running with water tank. Archie Blue of New Zealand ran 3 cars on aluminum staggered perforated discs in electrolysis vertical cell with air pumped in from bottom. Measurable increase in efficiency allows for over-unity. His paper Patent came about, as he had increased the efficiency of his employer's large vats of electroplating of scissors. See other data on Internet.