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    Hi, i'm new to this so your patience is appreciated. i have two questions regarding the bedini energizer circuits.

    1. I've seen people mention a dual pole circuit/system and others mention a mono-pole circuit, and while i have built my own mono-pole circuit based on the beginner's book, i don't understand where people are coming from when they mention the dual-pole circuit, i mean what is dual about it? it is not mentioned in either the beginner's, intermediate nor advanced books! would it by chance be those bedini systems where you have alternating magnetic poles when installing the magnets? but then some of those are still mentioned as mono-poles! so i'm still confused.

    2. In the intermediate book, john mentions fine tuning the the transistors of the multi-filer circuit, according to the book this is so we make sure that all the transistors work in parallel and their rise and fall times are in sync, hence we get a sharp pulse as mentioned in the book, and i can see that. However, i'm wondering, has anybody tried using 1 large transistor that can do the job of all the other transistors, so instead of installing many transistors and having to worry about tuning them, then we'll just have one big transistor where its collector is attached to the rest of the drive coils endings, instead of having each drive coil ending connected to one transistor... etc. I guess, if one transistor can compensate for all the 7 or whatever number people used to choose, then wouldn't that be better?

    Many thanks,