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Fill and Spill Speed of Charging!

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  • Fill and Spill Speed of Charging!

    Hello Group,

    I was just tinkering on the speed of Charging and its limitations using the best mode of Charging Batteries (The Bedini mode of charging ).
    Theoretically speaking, a perfect impedance matched SOURCE TO RECEIVE(load) can Instantaneously dump the juice from the SOURCE to the RECEIVE device(Battery). However, this situation is limited by the imperfection in both the SOURCE and the RECEIVE batteries.
    A given battery is never 'Completely empty' or 'Fully Charged' for a true 'fill and spill' to occur. In the purview of Electrochemical mechanism, the speed of Charging is ideally not limited for a given size of the battery, since the size also determines the Impedance and the given chemistry. (we consider only Lead-acid here)
    The Charging process or the discharging process is nothing more than Electrolysis/Electroplating taking place between the electrodes ad the electrolyte and is plainly determined by the Faraday's laws of Electrolysis. That means there is a Resonant current magnitude for a given size of the battery that determines the maximum speed of its charging. it only now a matter of having the correct SOURCE that is capable of dumping the juice!
    In the 'Split-Positive' configuration mode the SOURCE batteries are at High-Potential than the receive Battery, this makes the receive Battery take up the juice or else both would be both!
    I have for long time been behind this pursuit for Flash Charging or call it Zap Charging or Batteries and its possibilities.
    'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'