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Third mode of Trigger coil bias!!

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  • Third mode of Trigger coil bias!!

    Hi Guys,
    We all are aware of two modes of the Trigger coil wires biasing
    namely, 1) Forced mode: the top going to the base of the transistor and the bottom of the trigger coil going to the positive rail of the primary battery.
    2) Free running: The top of the Trigger coil going to the base of the transistor and the bottom going to the of the Primary battery.
    I have found the third type of biasing to the Trigger coil.
    3) Free-Floating trigger: The top of the coil going to the base of the transistor BUT the bottom end left 'Free-floating'
    The trigger current in this mode is far low and runs the base resistor cool to the touch including the Transistor and the output Charge diode, and is truly Potential driven rather than current triggered.
    I'm still studying the coils in how different they behave to a standard SSG/SG specifications. in essence, other than the inter-layer capacitance, the bulk capacitance of the (wire thickness) is also a factor other than the geometry of the windings. the coils are air-cored. the introduction of a welding rod instantly Induction heats it up!! and detunes from Resonance. The battery charges at good enough rate compared to the input seen.
    next step: Rotored machine SSG driven in this mode???
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