In the recent times i found it ponderous to deal with the Electromagnetic based Inventions of several Inventors, the Inventions of whom had similarities in them (and why not!)There have been several replicators across the globe and on the utube to replicate the Newman Machine and people have terribly failed to produce the result, the exhibition of these replications on the internet are more fancy than the scientific and illustrious very much the same way they did with the Bedini SG/ SSG despite of Instruction given by JB himself.
In the case of Newman the patent does'nt exist so there is no way he can back his work and encourage others to replicate it. On the other hand i sternly believe that the interpretation to explain the principle of the device is solely the primacy of the Inventor him self this is classic proof that Science indeed has many Languages but one beauty! I studied the Newman device and found its similarities with JB's work with the exception that former has it exhibiting the Mechanical gain while the later has it done Electrically (Magnetically strictly speaking) in the Batteries.
Gettting back to the newman device: Many replications are so poorly structured in the various aspects of the machine, the simplest being the Coil it self... Remember the Newman Machine is a Massive coil compared to the magnitude of the 'input parameters' i do not want to comment on the commutator part as it is merely the timing part of the switching, however [U]THE NATURE OR TYPE OF THE INPUT SOURCE DIPOLE IS ESSENTIALLY CRITICAL[/U] to the disclosed embodiments of the machine! JL Naudin's replication utterly fails when he uses a Capacitive Source dipole to his machine replication.
Next: the Newman device is a relatively slow Machine comapred to the rapid RPMs shown on the Utube by various replicators.. it is a SPEED TO TORQUE and not a TORQUE TO SPEED machine (Like the Gray Motor) develops Momentum over a period of time in proportion to the Mass involved.
HIGH-VOLTAGE BATTERIES and not HIGH-VOLTAGE CAPACITORS this is what i mean by the type of the Source dipole. and when its is Batteries you need a lot of them pilled up in series to tune- up with the massive Impedance of the coil, THE MAGIC..... the batteries DO NOT DEPLETE when you do this WHAT GETS CONSUMED IS THE MASS OF THE COIL OVER LONG PERIOD (YEARS!!!) exactly as what Newman suggests.
Next: Common Bloch wall for both the stator coil and the rotor Magnets! this points out at the MONOPOLE structure of the geometry between the two!
Next: Original Machine is seen having six Magnets positioned in a concentric array fashion....JB would be an expert to comment here....

If you guys feel this thread interesting in replicating in the way i suggest here i assure you should get definitive results as Newman claims,
I shall do the same and share the results with you guys when i find time...
Best Regards,