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2015 Energy Conference

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    geez yaro, ya had to mention that.... the kromrey magnets sucked in the alligator clip leads making an instant short! fortunately it was a quick disconnect.

    how about mentioning all the great stuff that was at the table?

    Tom C

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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      Conference comments

      Thanks for that Yaro.

      Here is my summary of the talks and release dates for the videos of the presentations:

      For Al's talk - I'll be including diagrams of the pump and schematics of the control circuit. After the plasma ignition detonates the gas and it builds up pressure, that pressure has to be relieved with an electronic pressure relief valve before the water can flow in and before more gas can be pumped into the chamber. Only for educational purposes of course with all regular disclaimers.

      For Graham's transformer demo - I'll try to get all those diagrams included with the presentation and a diagram of all probe connections for measurements.

      If you haven't already posted this in Energetic Forum, do you mind if I copy it over there?

      Here is the thread I'd like to put it in:
      Aaron Murakami

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        You are welcome Aaron,

        No problem on my side with posting it there. Still have another short comment to insert on this subject, but have had a speed bump in getting the thread to accept the post - try again right now.


        Having problems inserting a few more comments - thread not accepting my simple formatting. Done with it!
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