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    This thread is for discussions regarding the building and application of High frequency spark gaps, such as the spark gaps designed by Nikola Tesla, that are used as a means for interrupting high voltage D.C. a million times a second or more. By interrupting the HVDC, Tesla found that large amounts of energy were coming out that behaved differently from conventional current. He said this new type of energy operated more like "electrified sound waves" because they were longitudinal in nature. Tesla used high frequency spark gaps for many years to explore this phenomenon before he progressed to electrolytic interrupters, which I am not interested in discussing on this thread. I am interested in building a device that operates in the Mhz range after I am done with another project I am working on currently, and I was wondering if anyone on here has done any tinkering with rotary spark gaps that might have some insight into the proper construction of the apparatus. From what I understand, the main idea is to cause the electricity to be forced in one direction without reversal and then interrupted at a high frequency in order to "separate the electrons from their etheric carrier".

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    This is a patent that describes the action of a rotary spark gap exposed to open air as a means to obtain clean and reliable energy output (exceeding input). It needs to be understood that for certain applications, rotary spark gaps are the ideal switching mechanism in a circuit. Bedini's SSG is also a high frequency DC switch that was designed to utilize the same phenomenon in a a different way. Edwin Gray used open air spark gaps as well, although I am not sure how he achieved the abruptness of the discharge that is imperative for such a conversion to take place. Research in to this type of technology will reveal the suppression of rotary spark gaps. For example, it can be difficult to find much of Tesla's literature where he speaks about the importance of HVDC input and rotary spark gap (RSG) output, even though this was the basic idea which gave birth to his greatest discovery! You can find reference to asynchronous rotary spark gaps in his court proceedings against Marconi, where he speaks of a type of spark gap which discharges on the sine wave peak. This gets back to Ismael Aviso's tech as well. I hope I have intrigued you enough to do your research and hopefully some experimentation too, because this device could be the "holy grail" of conversion machines if it is constructed properly. Proper construction would likely end up looking something like this: A high voltage DC power supply leading in to a capacitor of significant capacity to the input of the apparatus. Six stationary spark gaps are employed, with three on each side of the two counter rotating components. The counter rotating components should be discs with any number of electrodes, assuring that the electrodes are conductively isolated and the number of electrodes on each circular rotating component is different, so as to achieve the highest break rate possible. the output should be fed in to a coil with a predetermined surface area of copper. Another coil with the same surface area of copper should be tightly coupled to the output coil. The secondary coil should be grounded on one end, and connect the other end to an elevated capacitance, such as a large torroid. This is the basis for how an actual "Tesla coil" works, no the RF coils they call Tesla coils today. The high frequency DC pounding against the high resistance of the earth creates a surplus of dielectricity which then proceeds up to the elevated capacitance and ionizes the surrounding air and produces very bright arcs that are much more loud than conventional tesla coils. THIS IS THE BASIS FOR THE REAL TESLA COIL, AND IT MUST EMPLOY A VERY HIGH FREQUENCY INTERRUPTER, SUCH AS THE SPARK GAP. Mosfet do not interrupt in the same way spark gaps do, so solid state applications could not utilize them or any other oscillator unless complete interruption of the current with no reversal took place. To my knowledge, no such oscillator has been made public, so the RSG are the best bet. This is why this technology is so important, and I hope I have inspired some individuals reading this to share their work on the subject. After all, that is the entire point of these forums.