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    This simple antenna is a fractal and using two will bring in your local and sometimes distant free over the air TV signals.

    Yes, I am the creator of this design and I offer it freely to the public. It is made of copper wire that I got out of a 75 ohm cable.

    I included the grid paper background for others to scale it on their own. The pointed middle is where you would hook up the 75 ohm transformer.

    I have also used conductive pen ink (such as Chemtronics) on firm plastic and I am positive it can be used on glass, such as windows, to hide any antenna from the public.

    So, this design can be made from copper or printed on glass or plastic. Plastic is easier to drill holes into.

    Multiple pairs increase the signal and if you have multiple windows on your house, you can have a compass of free tv stations.

    I listen to Alex Jones and I fight against the New World Order. Are you a flouride head? Великий Белый Волшебник

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    Here is a scan of the first antenna experiment.
    The one above is more of a continuation of the fractal nature.
    I listen to Alex Jones and I fight against the New World Order. Are you a flouride head? Великий Белый Волшебник


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      The design looks intriguingly beautiful and begs a study of the theory and computation behind it.

      Recently I designed and built a outdoor directional patch antenna for my wireless internet modem, in case anyone is interested in its design theory.

      EVDO REV A
      Bandwidth = 1.25 mhz
      Frequency = 1900 ~ 1960 mhz
      H = Height of antenna element strip = Wavelength / 2 = 69.5 mm
      W = Width of strip = 105 mm (This was calculated online, and as a result, impedance of strip = 50 ohms)
      h = distance between ground plane and strip = 6 mm
      Eo = Dielectric constant (of air) = 1
      I then took a sheet of aluminum meant for fridges and cut it like this array.jpg.

      I still haven't gotten around to installing it outside on the roof to replace the other one meant for 2.1 ghz but connecting it while indoors is showing promising results.


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        reviving an old thread:
        This is a comprehensive site for issues and solutions pertaining to "cable cutters" and OTA digital television:
        there are regional reception fora, but the one I think will be of most interest to the posters here above me will be the Antenna Research and Development sub-forum. Some actual real-life broadcast engineers and military comm specialists hang out there and bring their breadth of knowledge and experience to the discussions. I've gotten lost in there for hours...and I've found that the basic hoverman design that they've tweaked up over the years works quite well and was easy/inexpensive to build. I'm able to pick up (with fantastic reliability) most of the almost 40 channels tells me are available within 30 NM of my location.
        Bonus: if broadcasters ever go to 4k, I don't have to change a thing.