"Scientists and Engineers Have Always Told Us That Electric Motors "Convert" Electrical Energy Into Mechanical Energy. Apparently, That's Not True!
It Is Now Clear That Electric Motors Can Be Designed To Produce Mechanical Energy AND Recover Most Of The Electricity They Are Running On! This Turns The Idea Of 'Conversion' On It's Head!!"

REVEALED: The most complete tutorial ever released to the public on how to design "super-efficient" electric motors. All aspected are covered, from the theory, to the math, to the design methodologies, to the physical model. If you have ever wondered whether real electric motors with a COP>1 actually exist, this presentation will rock your world!

Advanced Motor


David Squires, E.E.
David R. Squires graduated from San Jose State University in 1976, with a BSEE degree. He worked in the semiconductor industry for the next 19 years as a designer. In 1995, Dave switched to the EDA side of the industry (Electronic Design Automation), specializing in high speed (fast SPICE) circuit simulation. In the same year, he began his study of "free energy" physics, with a special emphasis in magnetic field behavior and design. By exhaustive use of magnetic field simulation in the last few years, Mr. Squires has discovered a series of revolutionary principles that allow for the design of advanced electric motors and generators.
Conference Series, Part 3
BEDINI-LINDEMANN 2012Science and Technology Conference