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DIY Flannagan Neurophone

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  • russwr
    The late Dr. Flanagan had several alternate energy devices/ systems, including the space ion drive invention that was purchased by US government. I was mostly interested in the communication system using the ETHER and line of sight type. The Neurophone changed audio picked up by microphone to RF that the brain picks up directly, so as the ears are bypassed. There were several different models. Patents were applied but production not done because gov officials said it enhanced ESP abilities and the general public should not have these, and should continue being deaf.

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  • ferraro
    started a topic DIY Flannagan Neurophone

    DIY Flannagan Neurophone

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here I dont know if this is the right place to post this

    A few months ago I first heard about Dr. Flannagan´s Neurophone, being an avid language learner I was instantly captivated by this device, scouting around the net I found a man selling one of the older models for relatively cheap, regardless it´s still a lot of money he´s asking for so I opted for building my own first, and see if it was a worthwhile investment.

    Not being too tech savy Ive run into countless issues while building my neurophone based on the schematics and picture found here, sadly it doesn´t work and Im not quite sure wherre it went wrong. I dont understrand where the input is supposed to go, in the picture the 0.047uf capacitator has one leg sticking out, how are you supposed to attach an audio source to it? I currently have the other leg of the capacitator in its own lane on the breadboard and next to it I connected a mono audio wire (the red one) while the black wire is connected to GND, the plug is connected to an mp3.

    Im also having a hard time understanding how the batteries are supposed to be connected, seeing that theyre supposed to be connecto to the 100uf and 0.1uf capacitators, in the picture these are both placed along the + and - railing of the breadboard, is this correct?

    lastly I dont know what the 2 red wires sticking out of the breadboard are supposed to do? are you supposed to connect the piezo disks there? It seems to be the case for the one going out of the chips 9th pin (according to the diagram) but I dont understand why the other one is coming out of the 100uf capacitator...

    something doesnt add up, Id really appreciate your input in regards to this project, I´ll gladly explain my experience with this device if I can get it to work!

    Would also appreciate it if someone can identify the parts in the picture thats posted on the linked website, I believe I might have the incorrect parts (which I got from a part list on another website).