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‘It runs on water’ documentary

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  • ‘It runs on water’ documentary

    I have mentioned this in my thread dealing with my WFC replication but I have finally managed to track down the 1995 Channel 4 (UK) documentary called 'It runs on water'' featuring Meyer and two others whose work 'defies' mainstream science.

    A very well balanced documentary that suggests we are on the edge of a revolution involving ZPE. I have downloaded it to keep it safe and is a must-see 51min video. I know things have moved on technically with new WFC developments but it’s a classic in the history of the process.

    I have placed it in the 'Video' subfolder on my shared folder at:

    You can download it from there and pass around as needed.

    'Consciousness came First'

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    I was about to thank you, but when I clicked on your link, it announced that whatever you originally put there was deleted.
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