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Water Spark To Water Vapor Pressure

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    Power Supply For water Conversion (lawnmower engine)

    Currently 2 have been hand built and tested for high wattage. The full wave DC type is kept as 2nd choice. The half wave DC unit is necessary because of it's use with 1,5MH inductor coil in the later circuit. The back EMF 2nd pulse out is to add to spark plug firing as needed. Small electrodes of a common electrolysis cell , for example, need much higher volts to get sufficient hydrogen bubbles. Spark plug gap in combustion chamber is that type. The originator in Georgia, 2005-2012, said circuit required 6-7 amps DC and over 100volts , so as there is sufficient hydrogen gas and water vapor pressure generated at about minus 34 degrees timing retarded. His circuit shown years ago, shows several diodes redirecting reverse high volts to plug. half wave type unit can be made 2 ways. One has Boost volts dc converter hooked to pass transistor MOSFET and separate PWM pulser unit with adjustable duty cycle for 50%. This power goes through primary of 1:1 transformer , so as secondary side is called ISOLATED. This way, the 2 grounds of circuit would not clash. The output diode is fast recovery if high frequency is used. The other half wave DC power supply is composed of China open board 20KHZ inverter , using the 18vAC terminals on board hooked to half wave type voltage doubler with 330uf caps low ESR, 105 degrees and fast recovery diodes.The output 28v DC is capable of 168 watts to simulate the end circuit that would be used. This unit has isolation also. The other full wave unit has the same inverter 20khz board with input from 19vDC boost converter , so as the output final is 27vDC with full wave rectification fast recovery, and capable of isolation, 6-7 amps current, and 168 watts. This is improvement over the original S1R9A9M9 circuit that was dangerous to the operator of high volts on 12v battery, and not using series diodes protection from ignition volts. There is also small magnetic field in combustion chamber aiding the process. I have added neodymium ring magnet to spark plug which also carries field to tips of plug. The copper wire joint of low v + high V is changed to steel magnetic wire in rubber hose to carry field down to plug, and provide voltage protection from the rubber. The S1R9A9M9 website is shut down, but was composed of questions and answers and tech notes that I captured before it's demise. The specific S1R triple coils assembly provided several uses the same time on 18HP Briggs engine, but was easier to do, than machining special plate to reposition the lawnmower ignition coil. My original wrong impression was that the coils needed the full voltage drop, as on the 18HP. I made 39 diff models until discovering the coils needed to be copper , while a separate adjustable HEAT power resistor is used to get exact spark plug current needed, and carries one of the several voltage drops.
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