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  • Fuel Reformer/ Vapor Carburetor

    I am ready to test a my own square style "GEET" system as soon as I come up with a simple circuit to pulse the fuel injector at a variable speed. P.P. has said it is not GEET since it is not round so there are no patent worries. My system is truly on demand using pulsed fuel injectors instead of the normal bubblers. A throttle body would be perfect to convert. Just move the one fuel injector to the fuel reformer. There are 4 ports on top for 4 injectors to mix fuels at different ratios on demand. There could be a start up fuel plus water - the running fuel. The fuels get vaporized instantly by exhaust heat in the top section. Then they go through the .032 gap around the double tapered square bar. The gap is maintained by pins on the 4 sides of the bar. There is a check valve and back flash protector on the out put side.

    If any one knows of a simple fuel injector pulsing circuit then please let me know.

    There is a picture of this device in my album called alternative energy.

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    what you have here is a fuel evaporator, a geet is round becuse it uses a vortex, you may want to try making one that is egg shaped you will still get good results from it however. you could use a simple 555 timer and mosfet to control the pulse width of the injector, a temperature probe in the exhaust could give you a reference of fuel air ratio quite well.
    the geet is a brilliant system, no idea why anyone would run a generator without one!


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      "Geet uses a vortex"

      I would say geet uses a spiral and not a vortex. If you study Victor Schauberger you will see a true vortex is a cone shaped spiral coming to a precise point. I believe the vortex part of geet is just hype anyway and what I have will work just as good if not better. Fine, super heated vapors are entering the gap not cold droplets. We may put pulsed plus and minus chargers on the square bar and surrounding case like Stan Myers fuel injectors.


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        i have found with mine that you need water and fuel for it to work best, you dont want hot gas going into the engine, it needs to be superheated and then to be cooled, if you do not have the water content the fuel vapurs condense at this point. you might be right about the spiral, i have not seen any proof of the vortex, there is a glow discharge effect documented in some machies i have seen on youtube, again havent seen it in person. quite alot of fuel vapour systems use a filter system to prevent any unvaporised fuel entering the engine. will you be getting water into the reformer? i tried using an injector with water and it corroded inside, so i would recomend against the use of one of those but ones do exist that work with water.
        goodluck with your build, i would love to see some pics of it up and running, ps do you have an ultrasonic vaporiser in that can? i found these a good way to get some heavy vapours.


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          BMW, What temperature do the gases need to be cooled to before entering the engine?
          question is: Will we be getting water into the reformer? yes, but I don't think it will start on just water unless a plasma plug or electronics system is used with it. A starter fuel would be used then turned off as soon as its running well. We are not going to use gasoline ever. Just ethanol or diesel with water. Maybe that mix will not corrode injectors. Just water is in the paint can fuel tank and a fuel pump is on top of it. On the fuel reformer the bottom part is 2 square tubes inside of each other. The top part is one section of rectangular tube. I like those ultrasonic units but how to you make them precise on demand? Thanks for your ideas questions and comments. Yes, there will be running pictures and or better - videos when it gets running.


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            I dont think entry temp is particularily important but exhaust gas temp shouldnot exceed around 850 degrees c, you need to check this out however it has been along time, your engine will not start on water but it will start on water fuel mix if its hot enough, the problem with this geet system is that the evaporator will ice, but as your running an injector you wont have this problem