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    This topic thread I am creating is to present the progress of my work towards building a self acting engine, based on the proposed ideas by Nikola Tesla back in 1900. I was a bit unsure of whether I should post this work under Peter Lindemann or else under Nikola Tesla. It is true that this idea was first introduced to me by Tesla while reading his excellent "The Problems of Increasing Human Energy"; however, it was really Lindeman's outstanding disclosure that really called my attention towards this subject.

    In addition, though, it was again Lindemann who invited me to work on this subject during a phone conversation a few years ago. I admit I did not receive his suggestion too enthusiastically back then, but ... well, life goes around and many things have happened since then. The point is that I have finally, much due to Lindemann's suggestion (enthusiastic suggestion, I might add), decided to devote my time and effort towards trying to materialize Tesla's Self Acting Engine original idea.

    I am not sure whether I will succeed with this project, but hey, this whole forum is full of efforts of that sort, right? Let us hope for the best and we'll see what's ahead of us in this adventure.

    While I present my progress, though, I would suggest to those interested but new in the subject to obtain Lindemann's "Open System Thermodynamics" copy of his presentation. Although the mathematics and the whole thermodynamics engineering involved in this matter is quite complex (sometimes I think more than necessary), Lindemann makes an outstanding job in presenting the process idea in very simple-to-understand terms.

    Cheers to all and here we go.....

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    Looking forward to hearing more on your progress.

    I also had a nice talk with Peter Lindemann on the phone years ago, after exchanging posts on a forum about Tesla's ambient heat engine, or "self acting engine".

    I've been doing experiments with some model Stirling engines based on Tesla's ideas with some, what I think, at least, are very unusual and somewhat unexpected results.

    For example, covering the "sink" or cold side of a model Stirling engine resulted in it operating at a considerably faster RPM

    I asked about these results on a Science forum.

    ​​​​​​My thread was locked and I was banned from the forum. Interestingly, for posting about "perpetual motion".

    They said that it was against the forum rules to post about perpetual motion.

    I wasn't posting about perpetual motion, I simply wanted to know if the results of the experiment were unusual.

    They said that a heat engine running without a "sink" would be a violation of the second law of thermodynamics.

    My posting an objection to having my thread locked only got me permanently banned.

    I had been a long time member of that forum.

    I just watched a lecture by Peter, apparently from a few years ago 2019 ? maybe.

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      Hm, the physics forum "caught" you "invoking" free energy and Tesla. Sad it can't be discussed for some reason. They use the screenshot of your "free energy" video like a still from a security camera that convicts you .

      Sad thing is that like Peter Lindemann has explained in Electric Motor Secrets, there are principles that I believe make sense that are not against "the science" such as Lenz' law being dependent on motor design making fields oppose each other. Even if that's not true it seems reasonable and I think it is true.

      I found it interesting that it seemed that the stirling engine did not "consume" the coldness despite it acting somehow opposed to heat in the engine.Or I guess it didn't transfer any heat to the ice or even it somehow removed 15% heat maybe?

      If you object to that you could just say that it should melt the ice anything else is weird or something, but sad they banned you . Not surprised unfortunately.
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