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    Originally posted by petio707 View Post
    Hi Tom,

    I`m interested in this DVD - where do I get it from ?

    I know this is an expensive research , I don`t have much time and money now.

    I see you are ahead of me in understanding electrical generation - I`m catching up , mostly by thinking.

    Devices like Locridge and similar the government will not allow soon on the market , but I think in recent future people will become intelligent enough to make them themselves and produce their own power.

    I don`t think people as a whole are ready for free energy or absolute freedom - they will eighter use the money to buy drugs , alcohol , more food , or they will figure out a method of collecting money from the free energy users , or make weapons more powerfull and destroy other people. God will not allow that happening ! Free energy was possible more then a hundred years ago, but a few would survive it , lucky few.
    But human consciousness evolves as a whole on the planet and recent future is brighter a little bit , and far future - much more bright.

    I`ve studied my whole life - philosophy , religion , medicine ( I`m a practicing alternative medicine doctor ) , electrical engineering , music and whotever you can think of I encountered as a knowledge.

    Knowledge is power, but the most important knowledge I learned somehow is to love people. No other knowledge can compare to that power - to love.

    If the knowledge of production of free energy has to be revealed - it will be revealed. If it has to be hidden and delayed - it will be so .

    I find energy and electricity one of the most facinating things in nature.
    you can get the DVD from all energy comes from the quantum state the dipole appears in the presence of hi voltage DC in a resonant state.

    Tom C

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      Originally posted by petio707 View Post
      This guy with the 2 motors and the cap is a step ahead of me - I never considered it will work with motors from microwave fans

      But I`m not in a hurry - the eternity is .... endless...
      that is a hoax.... there is a battery in the capacitor
      Tom C

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        Originally posted by Tom C View Post
        that is a hoax.... there is a battery in the capacitor
        Tom C
        Very good , Tom .

        If there was no battery you should spin the rotors far faster to get the cap charged.
        But in this case the battery should run it more time , charged by the coils maybe .


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          Hi, Mike.

          The second and the fourth ones are hoax. I tried them - didn`t work.
          They try to bull**** us and delay the time people start making their own power.


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            When you spin an induction generator at a low speed , not sufficient electrostatic charge is accumulated between the rotor and the stator. But if you speed it up , the things change - electrostatic charge is accumulated between the rotor and the stator, the electrons from the air molecules are pushed from their orbits and are free now to travel and they travel via the core to the coils. Then an electrostatic charge is present in the coils and it travels to the capacitor. We now see the capacitor is full and the energy is AC and it bounces back to the coils , turning them into electro magnets. the electro magnets try to spin the rotor in the normal direction , but you are spinning it the opposite direction and the magnetic fields crush into one another and by doing so push electrons from the copper out of their orbits and an AC current is produced.

            By knowing the principle of operation you can easily make it better - by inducing a magnetic field in some way in the core and thus the rpm of operation should be reduced signifficantly. Or by exciting the capacitor primarily. Mean machine, furious machine

            You may spend a lifetime trying to understand how an induction generator produces real power and still not succeed. Well I figured it out in several months
            Am I a fan of Tesla tech ? The only bigger fans of this technology are you , guys

            Magnificent machine, charming charges, pretty resonant as well
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              This guy
              Hendershot Generator - Free Energy tutorial - YouTube
              with the hendershot generator is a maniac

              I tried to build the bi toroid transformer and didn`t succeed ... My coils were not just right - the idea seems plausable to work - the replicators can tell.
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                Hendershot Gen is for the guys with the resonance in mind.

                Seems pretty cheap to construct. If someone makes and sells the parts many people would buy


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                  I conducted a simple experiment - connected the phase to the primary of a 500 w 220/110 v transformer and then to a bulb and when i run the 220 volt on the input , the bulb REFUSED TO LIGHT !

                  Most of the energy was transformed through the core af the traf induced in the secondary winding - only around 20 volts was left , insufficient to power the light.

                  On the 110 winding I lighted a bulb , but if anyone told me that you may run current through a single wire and not be able to run a light I would not believe him

                  Aparently Tesla used coils and transformers also as resistors - shown in some patents of controllers.

                  So this is a possible solution for stepping down the voltage in a HV generator of Kapagen type or other HV type.

                  Tesla tech will power the future
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                    PLASMA FORMATION

                    Hi , Mike.

                    I recommend using MOT for the project because the inventor T.Kapanadze does it this way. I`ve seen kapagen with various power trafs and the MOT gives the best performance. I know it`s not safe - you have to be experienced in work with electricity to do it safe.
                    The trick in power generation is the formation of PLASMA. Plasma , being the fourth state of matter has it`s own electro magnetic and GRAVITATIONAL field. Magnets have their own gravitational field as well. That`s why you can extract energy out of them , but you can extract energy out of a plasma as well, due to the gravitational field.
                    So , it`s not just the matter of spark gap tuning and frequences - it is mainly the matter of quantity of plasma being produced which is proportional to the quantity of copper and frequences/ voltages.

                    More copper = more plasma = more watts at the output.

                    If you try to do it the hard way via resonance as the hendershot generator does, you have to be really a resonant guy with lots of experience.
                    I haven`t done it the hard way - I preffer easy ways - mass.

                    So the main equasion I figured out is this :

                    MORE PLASMA = STRONGER GRAVITATIONAL FIELD = MORE ENERGY FROM THE VACCUUM = MORE WATTS PRODUCED ... If you have the proper stepping down of the voltage to usable.

                    Which one is stronger - the magnetic and gravitational field of the Sun or that of the Earth ? The one with more plasma - obviously of the Sun

                    Most of the free energy experimentors doon`t succeed because they produce INSUFFICIENT QUANTITIES OF PLASMA !

                    Let`s put it this way : With thin wire 1000 turns you get 1000 volts / 0.05 miliamps . With 1000 turns of thicker wire you get 1000 volts / 0.30 amps.
                    Its obvious the watts wiht more mass of wire are more. THE BIGGER , THE BETTER ... or you`ll have to do it the hard way .... sleepless nights of endless tuning. Tom Bearden says for his MEG its a tuning nightmare

                    Think ! Think ! Analise ! Think !
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                      Originally posted by BroMikey
                      Hey 707 man Petio

                      The hendershot is out yes.

                      The Meg is out yes.

                      Resonant tuning? Kapagen tuning? 6 of one and a half a dozen of another. Thinking one is easier? Or maybe someone has the math?

                      No way. Even Tesla had not math for this, why?

                      Because the only way this stuff is done is by a devoted observer of the experiment step up by step down.

                      Resonant? Non Resonant?

                      I don't even blink, to me a certain amount of capacitance with a coil is a tank and that's all we have. Math and terms go on forever with each new finding and the new man's name put on the observation.

                      To do this type of engineering replication the builder must re-experience all of the known effects at one time or another in the course of his or her successful creation.

                      Look at the wimshurst, all it does is produce a static electricity that is then collected as HV. It really does not matter how you get the HV. The wimshurst has been the report device that has powered a Church group community for the last 20 plus years.

                      Make the HV, send it through a spark gap that is across a coil. The reported effect as you stated is that the 4th state of matter(Plasma) does bring with it more than was actually put into the system. Translation to an AC out let and you are done.

                      I never consider the idea of using any kind of math to formulate what resonance I THINK i might need.

                      Let us say a device required resonance. Even if it did not one has effectively calculated the perfect circuit for these designs without hands on experimentation.

                      I have been around design engineers or circuits all of my life and I watch what they do. They connect 100 alligator clips to 40 parts like diodes, resistors, coils and caps. I would look at it and say "WHAT IS IT" their reply is their latest design.

                      After asking them millions of questions they have always assured me that the school books will only get you in the ball park and that they must go beyond.

                      Going on to a real list of parts that are available for use and then apply them to produce a working product through endless hours of trial and error.

                      Now this is what people call genius.

                      Don't even think res or non res is what I tell myself.

                      Tuning will improve things but you must first have already gotten the ball out of the park for it to make any difference.

                      The ole perspiration principle like EDISON said REMEMBER?

                      Genius is 1% insperation and 99% sweat glands.
                      Hi , Mike.

                      I don`t say you need no experimenrs and tuning to make a working machine. You need hard work , real hard. But if you have in mind certain principles it will help you a lot.

                      I observe a law in energy generation - MASS = ENERGY , IN THE PRESENCE OF CURRENT OR LIGHT. You may not like it , but it is present in the universe.

                      The bigger the Testatika, Tesla coil, Kapagen , Alternator, or whatever generator you are using , the bigger the output in watts.

                      To make a working machine you have to first make smaller prototype and then scale it, but with 50 grams of copper you won`t produce much watts.

                      If it was possible for Tesla to transmit his energy with a tuned transmitter the size of a pack of cigarettes - he would have discovered it , tuned it and done it , but I think it is not possible, and he was trying to make the giant magnifying transmitter.

                      Don`t push it too hard - life is not just machines and coils. Rest , enjoy , have fun

                      Somewhere in the endless time you will get it right for sure.

                      I personally am not in a hurry to make it.


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                        Originally posted by BroMikey
                        Hi Petio

                        Tesla had a small one. Did you ever hear of "Tesla's little black box"? it was enough to run an automobile. That may be small but most people only dream of getting this many kilowatts from a small box.

                        All Tesla had to work with was coils, caps, and a few bear skins and stone knives compared to the high levels of advanced electron hardware available to each of us today.

                        And still we can not see the simplicity.

                        In 1901 the inventor had motor coils and magnets, coated wire, they had no transistors or vacuum tubes yet. They had 2 plates of metal they called a cap they had copper wire. Arcing contacts might be considered similar to a transistor.

                        Tesla had wire wound resistors, carbon resistors.

                        The semiconductor DIODE did not yet exist.

                        If we look back in the books and put ourselves in Tesla's lab and use ONLY what he had we might eliminate some confusion that Tesla had millions of dollars worth of highly technical devices at his command.

                        And yet Tesla was able to run a car from a tiny input from a tiny box.

                        Now if you want to kick back go slow and rest? Rest in the fact that it is not as hard as we think.

                        Hi , Mike.

                        I know all you say and I always search for simplicity and obvious things that people miss. You saw I figured out how to use a transformer as an inductive filter to step voltages down.

                        Personally I think Tesla`s black box is a rumour spread after his death or before his death as he announced he has found a source of infinite energy that is free.

                        I wanna recreate Tesla`s car in the most simple way - an induction coil at least 10-20 kilos would produce currents 10-20 000 volts at 1 amp. = 20 kw/h. Stepped down to 3 000 volts to run the motor = 20 000 / 3 000 v at 6.6 amps. The amps will come from the enviroment while the 20 000 turns of the induction coil pulsate.

                        You may run it on not so many batteries while today`s electric cars use 24 kw/h battery banks.

                        I see things as simplified as Tesla saw them back then maybe because I don`t have school education in electrical systems.


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                          If you tell a contemporary engineer you wanna create 20 000 volts inside a running car he would say you are mad and it won`t work. However I see this as the most simple way Tesla run his car.

                          The induction coil was developed 1836 and Tesla was well familiar with it.

                          Induction coil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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                            If you step up the voltage of the primary batterie(s) eighter by connecting them in series or use a single battery and use an inverter to step up and then rectify to produce dc , more volts will go through the coils. The DC spike will reach up to 5000 volts, however this is still DC pulse and cannot do much trings with it. To transform it into usable AC current you have to pass the current through a spark gap. Through the spark gap the current becomes alternating and the watts stay almost the same. The next thing to do is to step down the voltage to usable via filter choke and transformer to lower to 200-300 volts.

                            I `m not sure how the motor will behave - it might spin too fast at this voltages.

                            The setup might be transformed in this way to produce real AC power and be used without the need to charge batteries. It may also be made self running because it produces more energy than it consumes.

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                              the components for the SG are designed for a 12 volt system. adding voltage to the circuit, will more than likely kill every component in your machine. 24 volt SG machines regularly pop transistors if everything is not matched. if you do not thoroughly understand hi voltage switching and the components required DO NOT DO THIS. you will get killed or at the very least have a body part blown off at the joint. Tom C

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                                Originally posted by Tom C View Post
                                the components for the SG are designed for a 12 volt system. adding voltage to the circuit, will more than likely kill every component in your machine. 24 volt SG machines regularly pop transistors if everything is not matched. if you do not thoroughly understand hi voltage switching and the components required DO NOT DO THIS. you will get killed or at the very least have a body part blown off at the joint. Tom C
                                To make a transormation of the energy to usable AC power you have to rebiuld every part of your system with thicker wires, more powerfull HV capacitors , diodes and transistors. Otherwise things overheat and melt

                                This is the only way you can transform the DC spike wave into a usable AC sine wave at the voltages you need to run any kind of electric devices.

                                Is it dangerous - of course it is !!! Energy is and will always be dangerous !!! If you cannot deal safely with high voltages - I have only one advise : DONT`T DO IT !! !! !!

                                But if you are experienced enough to deal with high voltages you can try to build it and you will end up with a usable AC output at voltage and watts you desire.

                                With this improved setup you can collect INFINITE AMOUNTS OF POWER FROM THE VACUUM ! Usable AC power.