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Tesla and free thinking.

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  • Tesla and free thinking.

    I decided to post here because of the huge effect Nicola Tesla has had on my personal fascination with free thought. One of the greatest hindrances to this for me was the terrible effect concern for patent security has had on me. Dropping these shackles has allowed me to fly free as it were. So here I am, throwing out ideas for all to see. I love a good conversation, and I flourish on discussion for the purpose of research. But sometimes we all miss something that causes us to not "get it". I will not suffer however the irrational spewing of fools. So use your brains! Now, on to what was keeping me awake tonight ...

    The Yellowstone Caldera. It seem scientists are looking at this area for some very scary reasons. There are obvious signs of a super volcano sub continent caldera. Why the hell do we not tap this vast amount of delta T energy and use it? We might even be able to tap off enough energy in 1000 years to avert a catastrophic eruption! (Ya, I know, big ticket item) Insert HVAC for long distance transportation, and using geothermal steam powered generators, and electricity would damn near be free! Central US could install gigantic hot houses for growing food and cotton for cloth using steam from heated water piped for hundreds of thousands of miles to maintain hot house internal temperatures. Electric lighting to simulate sun light. Massive hot house structures for cattle where their food is grown right where they live, "free range style". The electricity is damn near free, eat it up! The new mantra "Please turn up the heat in your houses and open the windows, we need to drain off Yellowstone some more before she blows!

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    Originally posted by Handy andy
    In Iceland this would be a no brainer. In America the reasons are mainly political with a fuel based economy too many very powerful people have too much to lose. It has little chance of taking off with your new president in charge, it needs a massive change, politicaly in American politics, or perhaps a change in the policy of the Yellow stone national park.

    Maybe a scare tactic like publicising that she is going to blow unless we can pump enough water in to cool her might get folks interested.

    You could also push the idea of being able to reduce state taxes to zero around the towns or states in the area of the yellow stone, by supplying cheap fuel to the rest of America.

    People power is the only thing that will get this moving, resulting in a change in the political mindset.

    Maybe approaching some one like Branson or Bill Gates for funding would get it started.

    For sure! I guess you have to be a politician even if you are a scientist. Nick could sure fill your ear about this, the lack of power due to the lack of political advantage. But we have the power of communication (my major!) in the internet. You and I are doing it right now! If enough people look at this, just maybe they will build one. Probably after I die, but what the hell! And yes, I was thinking about Reykjavik this morning! But if we can start heavy duty serious conversations about the science, maybe we can put it all in a letter and start sending it out. Somebody sprung for Reykjavik, and the market there is small. How about a single site that could power the entire northern hemisphere. There is a hell of a lot more money there than Reykjavik!


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      Unfortunately, the evil perpetrated by American politicians is enormous. It does not take long to find the bad odors once you begin looking. Being military experienced, I understand exactly what that means. The dems or repubs are by no means trustworthy. Money commands them all exclusively. And if they can convince you that you do not have enough money to do something, they win. But you do not need to build massive systems right off the bat. Small systems that put electricity will draw attention of smaller investors, and the big dogs can be over run by the average joe, as we have seen in the American Presidential election this year. I think it was the average joe that caused Trump to win, in spite of rampant voter fraud by the dems. Its the same waking giant in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Now may be the best time to launch such an important device. Maybe over the next 1000 years we can remove enough energy from the American caldera to prevent a catastrophic event. I an not concerned with Iceland, central US is a concern for eruption issues, the energy is just a driver to solve the problem.


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        It sounds like you may be on to something there. But if I can approach them with written input from people like you, the argument carries more weight! Hope you come back and input your point of view. And encourage others to comment as well! Thanks Andy!