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    Hello Aaron,
    I will follow your advice, I thought that Eric would be to busy with the books and experiments he's conducting.

    Hello Faraday88,
    You have to excuse me, but do you mean that one can only become a high output with a high input so you cannot expect high output with low input, or have I miss interpreted that.
    For me the most important thing is to learn the basics, so the low working version should be a very good starting point.
    Understanding more about resonance is my primary goal because it seems to always come back.
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      As another step in my journey to understand more about resonance part I build a Hubbard transformer also spoken off in the book "The Awesome Life force" (D007 in #8).
      The video with first results can be found here:


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        Today I tried something very promessing in the line of low voltage version of the magnifying transmitter.
        I had build 2 tesla coils like in the patent and wanted to check the resonant frequency without any condensers or other components attched to it.
        Therefor I took a coil out of a relay for 24Vdc and placed it direct next to the coil.
        Then I energized that coil with 24Vdc while measuring the output on the Tesla coil and I saw a Sinus of +-710Khz with amplitude going down in time after the puls from the external coil whas continous (no changing magnetic field anymore)
        I decided to change the circuit an added a transistor so I could energise the external normal coil whith 24Vdc 710Khz to see what happened.
        After a while I noticed that I could get better output results when the wires from the signal generator where beneath the tesla coil and crossing it and even so when I interupted the signal to the base of the transistor.
        My final setup you can see in the picture.


        The coil on the bottom of drawing is the one with output signal and is placed on top (beter result) of coil connected to signal generator.
        My measurements where as follows when I connected a led to the output:
        My signal generator had a block wave of 10V max and 0V min, 50% duty, I measured 5.8µA in signal from signal generator (open circuit), the output whas sine wave whith 3V max and -5.6V min and I measured a current of 2.98mA with exact same meter as I measured the current from signal generator???

        Am I missing something or is that easy to proove we can tap into the energy field around us like Tesla said??
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          Pictures of previous message

          You will see that the coil connected to signal generator that is beneath, is not good quality because the glue came loose.
          Both coils are wound on an old vinyl record with double sided tape on it to hold the windings.003_opstelling.jpg


          Did the test hunderd times, to see if I'm missing something, but the circuit from the signal generator is open and it works???
          The current in signal from signal generator whas meausered before it goes to the tesla coil so even if capacitive coupling occured, I should measured that current I think.???
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            The output mA can be changed from 5mA to 12mA just by searching the right distance between the 2 coils by moving the upper upwards away from the one connected to the signal generator at the bottom. There is a resonant distance between the 2.


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              I made a video on how I determined the resonant frequency of the Tesla coils:
              The second video is how I used that resonant frequency and get the results I talked about in previous posts:
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                Does someone have a circuitdiagram for creating square wave pulses +100 to -100V or higher with perfect 50% duty, changeable frequency and voltage?

                When you make measurements on the system you will notice that an increase of 6 times the starting voltage, you get 34 times more current (almost the square).
                In measurements 10V puls in = 0.6mA out, 60V in = 20.8mA out. So you understand why I would like to have such a circuit.
                The pulses need to be perfect because the one I used now for the 60V measurements didn't have this and with perfect pulses I get 20mA allready at 10V.
                Also if your puls goes from +10V to -10V the current will more then double.
                In measurements puls 0..10V = 10.7mA +10V...-10V = 28.1mA


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                  A new video with measurements on the Tesla coil system is released:


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                    When I whas thinking on how it would be possible to let a certain amount of energy grow like a snow ball running down hill as the one
                    Tesla inspired to build the magnifying transmitter I came across an article where the next thing is stated:

                    In their normal state, electrons repel each other because of their charge, but in the state of superconductivity, electrons pair up.
                    I came to this site when reading the article mentioned by Aaron in the energy times newsletter about electrical charge is more then electrons.
                    So the question is also what is the influence of resonance on this "more" part?

                    In another article I've read that when resonance is created a very high Q factor is achieved and so superconductivity comes insight.
                    Could it then be possible that the energy growth in the magnifying transmitter system is not due to resonance itself but the
                    superconductivity or alike influences on the electrons caused by the resonance?

                    When I look at the measurements on my Tesla coils and see that approximatly 20mA is drawn on 2 wires who are in normal conditions totally isolated but due to the influence of high frequency, capacity and resonance becomes 400 ohm (10V/0.02A), could it then be possible with the right conditions to create total superconductivity or enough for electrons to pair up (attract each other)?

                    So I'm not out off questions yet, I really should look into writing a letter to Eric Dollard but having problems to make my questions clear.


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                      The new video from Eric Dollard on how to calculate the Tesla coil is very intresting.
                      I highly recommend this to someone like me who is starting from zero. Hopefuly there's a follow up for the extra coil that is mentioned in the movie on how to calculate the resonant Tesla coil.