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Window Motor with Ball Rotor

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  • Window Motor with Ball Rotor

    Hi to all,

    I posted two years ago somewhere in this forum. I got the FEG book and intended to build a window motor. The one with the ball rotor (page 29, 2nd edition).
    So now I have built my first model. For study, of course. Not such a masterpiece like the original one but it works.
    The secondary coil is the generator coil. It gives enough electrical impulse to light a 3.3V LED AC wise. This is done by induction caused by the spinning ball rotor.

    The rotor is driven by a standard SG circuit, or other circuitry shown in the book, like the bipolar switching circuit shown on page 20.
    I made the trigger/power coil with 28/26 awg wire and the generator coil with 26 awg wire, each 1 lb in weight.
    Its a small toy motor, good enough for study.

    I let it spin using SG switching and trigger/power coil. When it runs I take the signal generated from induction of the spinning rotor as a trigger signal to run for example a larger coil like Ron Pough made them with BD 243 transistor switching. 5 coils wound on one spool.
    With that arrangement I can charge my 8.4 Ah lead acid battery in a way that I am totally convinced this is done by radiant energy.

    I also like to light up mains power LED lamps on such a generator - in a bucket filled with tap water. This is fun!

    Of course it came to my mind to make a solid state device with 555 timer using that coil or more of them.
    So I put together the circuitry given later in that book, on page 99 for example, called Inverted Potential Switch.
    I put it together but the transistors are not switching. The potential storage capacitor charges up of course but there is no switching in the 2N3440 and MJ15024.

    Also, there is nothing said about what to do with that circuit, although I can imagine of course. The primary input battery 9 V is for running the circuit.
    The input is for both ends of wire coming from a generator coil. The 12 V battery is load, for charging.

    Can anybody on this forum help me with that particular circuit. Are there any references or threads referring to it?

    I am stunned about not finding much about the FEG book in google search. Especially practical things, like people who have built the circuits.
    What I need is a solid state switching device that works, with battery switching.

    If you are interested in the window motor I have built, please let me know then I can expand a little bit posting pictures and so on.

    Best regards to all,


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    My volume one FEG book does not show the ball rotor. What is it made of?


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      Here is some info on this thread....

      Post number 220,221 and 223. On image 7 of 8 John says the ball is from a planetary machine.

      Dave Wing
      This is the official John Bedini forum dedicated to his work in multiple areas of energy including the SG Energizers, Crystal Batteries, etc... Make sure to get a copy of Bedini SG - The Complete Beginner's Handbook at


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        Thanks Dave Wing for answering. I post here a short vid showing what I did so far. Remember it is a toy motor and I built it for fun.
        I don't want to promote my YT channel. Just found it the easiest way to post a vid.
        In the thumbnail you can see the circuit I built according to instructions given on page 97 of the FEG book, 2nd edition.
        Basically I use that basic prototype for testing and studying various circuits.
        I am a self-educated person and I started from Zero.

        I built also a SG charger with one coil I made following instructions of Ron Pough. I charge my small 12V lead acid 7 Ah battery, having good results with it.
        I think it's time now to study some of Aaron's material.
        Also I ordered parts for Rosemary Ainslie's COP 17 heater and I want to try to figure out that.
        If anybody has suggestions what to read next or what to go practice into I would be glad to get some recommandations from you.