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    Is there anyone out there who would be willing to loan me a TX-2A12 for 4-6 weeks for a research study on the benefits to Pb-acid batteries of inductive pulse charging (IPC) as used in a de-sulphator?

    It seems they are no longer available to purchase. The benefits to battery SoH are a part of a second study where I am seeking to show that the energy gains I demonstrated in the first study (currently seeking publication) are from the local environment and not due to internal battery enthalpy.

    The study is taking place in the UK starting in August and details of work done and underway can be found at

    Thank you

    'Consciousness came First'

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    Hi Julian,

    Energenx was John Bedini's old web site for his chargers. Nothing is available there since John passed away. However, I think these units are still being made by the folks at Teslagenx on a build to order basis. Here's the URL for them. You might give them a try and see what happens. Last I knew they would still build to order.
    Gary Hammond,


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      Thank you Gary. To save on costs I’m looking to see if I can loan one from a contact close to UK. At least there is this option if required.
      'Consciousness came First'