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Charging / rejuvenating LIMA batteries.

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  • Charging / rejuvenating LIMA batteries.

    Hello everyone,

    Would you know whether there is a Bedini charger that would charge/rejuvenate Lithium Manganese Batteries? If so, what is the charging curve of such batteries, which I am not yet familiar with.

    My understanding is that a charger/rejuvenator is coming that does LIPO's and NiCad's, but NO Lithium-Ion.

    I am considering a Torqeedo marine electric motor that has integrated Lithium Manganese batteries. Of course, that motor can be run with Lead Acids, but the integrated unit with the extra features and small size is appealing. They (Torqeedo) also have a solar panel available to re-charge the battery or at least extend the range if used while motoring. I am considering other options to include the solar tracker with an appropriate panel and Lead-Acids. This is for use on a 15' homebuilt boat (dinghie).

    Thank you in advance for your input.