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    Hi all,

    Just adding more to the study mentioned by John K.. : Attempt to cause a a neon bulb to glow on Air-Coils,study if succesful.....doing what?????...... Radaint Electricity effect.
    its not easy...try and let the group know!if you find out.
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      Originally posted by acad14n
      I just received my coil from teslagenx (bifilar 20AWG, 23 AWG) measuring 7 Ohm, 13.8 Ohm. I want to use this for a pendulum like John showed in EFTV#2. I connected the coil to a ssg circuit on a 12V battery and noticed it self oscillates. I was not expecting that to happen as the trigger winding is connected across the base, emitter, through a resistor. MJL21194, 2 diodes, neon, and base resistor. John's coil appears quite large also and is bifilar (single winding, not multiple windings).
      I have converted several pc fans to radiant oscillators over the years. Is it not the same circuit with the pendulum?

      Self oscillation stops if the trigger is disconnected, reconnected; starts again when the coils capacitance is discharged, or if the core is triggered with a magnet.
      im not sure of the exact circuit, but nonetheless you can still use the standard wheel circuit for the pendulum triggered variant. remember his wooden toy (gray colored) start as a pendulum and then is a standard spinning rod. what is significant with the pendulum is the impedance change shows up with charging and the period of oscillation.
      'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'