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  • Results of 7 wire Oscillator

    I want to share here the results of my first full charge and load without interruption. It's been an amazing string of problems and set backs to give me basically a full curve for charge and load on my eighth attempt. Here is the chart showing the gain in the charge battery and the loss in the primary including points after a one hour rest:
    7th SS SSG Charge Graph.jpg
    And here is the load curve in green:
    7th SS to 15.jpg
    My next move will be to try to charge two batteries, one from the 4 wire circuit and one from the three wire circuit. In preparation for that, I've started a run using only the 4 wire circuit. I'm noticing higher draw (900mA vs 700mA) and higher frequency. There are, I know, complex feedbacks in the system I just don't understand.
    Well, any feedback on these, I appreciate it.
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    Finished the charging run on the 4 wires and compared the two charging runs:
    7 wire run
    -resting diff primary battery: .26v
    -resting diff charge battery: .76v
    -time: 19.92hr
    4 wire run
    -resting diff primary battery: .42v
    resting diff charge battery: .7v
    -time: 19.47hr
    7 wire gave 2.92v to charging battery for every volt from primary while
    4 wire gave 1.67v to charging battery for every volt from prmary
    7 wire gave .038v to charging battery per hour while
    4 wire gave .036v to charging battery per hour

    So the output of 4 circuits of the seven charged the same battery but not as well and not as efficiently. So I'm ready for my next run to split the output to two batteries, one with 4 circuits and one with three. The problem is that I don't have two alike batteries to take the output and, while I could go get a new lawnmower battery, a new battery won't be conditioned. Another complicating factor is that I'll probably have to shut down my workshop for a month or so to let someone come in to repair the damage from the hurricane. Don't know when that will be but it soon and so I don't have time to condition two new batteries. I'll see if I get more AH out of this 9th load than the 8th, but even if I do, I think I'll have to give up on this battery for a while and get two new ones for the split output experiment.


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      I've now done the split circuit run and the results were unexpected, at least by me. Here's a graph of the two batteries in this run. The first is an 8AH SLAB that had been used as the run battery on my bike wheel and never conditioned for radiant energy. The other is a 165 CCA FLAB (lawmower) that I've been using as my charging battery for a long time. The draw was 800mA.
      Screen shot 2012-09-16 at 6.34.44 AM.jpg
      The red is the unconditioned battery that I put on the 4 circuit board, and the green shows the conditioned battery that I put on the 3 circuit board. The lightened purple is that same conditioned battery on 7 circuits in a previous run. At the bottom, you can see the primary voltage loss compared with the same primary battery during the run of the light purple.
      I notice several things. First, the conditioned battery really takes off fast and that was as I expected, but what I did not expect was that the unconditioned battery would overtake the other. The 4 circuit battery charged almost as fast as the conditioned battery on 7 circuits but charging both batteries took more out of primary. At the point of ending on this chart, I stopped the run and put the conditioned battery on the 4 circuits and let the unconditioned battery rest. Once I did that it really took off and was fully charged in 5 more hours.
      Here's a chart of that battery on 7 circuits, 4 circuits (a previous run) and 3 circuits:
      Same Battery Comparison.jpg
      I'm disappointed that the conditioned battery didn't do as well on the 3 circuit run. The spike was 52v instead of 56v on the 4 circuit so I expected it would charge well. I don't seem to be harvesting spikes as much as getting current to do the job here. Any advice is appreciated.
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