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    Hi everybody,

    thanks for the many helpful posts in this kindly forum. This is my first post. I've been in this radiant energy stuff for approx. 2 month now, so I don't understand most of things that are going on in these really strange behaving devices. At the moment I'm just conditioning my batteries, and built a wheel sg and a solid state version with the CPD-Mod from Patrick. I'm from germany, so please excuse my bad english.

    First I ran my ss ssg with 0.9 Amps and the transistors were getting very hot, so I inserted an additional trigger base resistor (180 ohms). Now the device runs at 0.54 amps and the transistors are just a little bit over roomtemperature. The coil doesn't heat up. I thought ok, that's seems to be a normal behaviour.


    Can someone explain to me why this resistor is getting cold, and I mean realy cold? It is not freezing, but the temperature is way under roomtemperature. And if it's getting cold, is it a good or bad sign?
    The first thing, that crossed my brain was that it is a kind of peltier effect

    Thanks again.

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    Hi again,

    after the charge battery has reached about 13 V, the effect is gone. Will look again, after the battery is charged an i can hook up an empty one.



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      It sounds interesting. How are you measuring the temp change, with a meter or by touch?

      The trigger side of the circuit functions in a fairly normal way so I would not expect anything like that to happen but I couldn't rule it out either.

      Let us know how it goes with further testing.


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        Measuring was by touch. I had another resistor, which was not connected, as a reference next to the one that was getting cold. Even my girlfriend found it was cold. Unfortunately I'm not able to replicate this phenomenon .
        Sorry for that.