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Battery Potentializing and the SS SG

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  • Battery Potentializing and the SS SG

    Hi is a video update

    I have had this bank of roughly 280 amp/hrs on the ss sg for more than 48 hrs and has gone from 12.6 to 13.80 in about 24 hrs but in the last 24hrs there has been no change...I have checked and the neons light up when the bank is disconnected. Could there batts just be topping out? they are 5 year old....

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    please please please put some decent cables going to the bank, like 10 or 8 gauge.... you are wasting most of the spike there is no wire for it to travel on. you will not get the voltage rise you want. imagine a 5000 gallon bucket of water flowing thru a 1/8 inch vynil aquarium hose and how much potential is wasted.

    Tom C

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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      Thank you for pointing that out....sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees! Just have a few questions before I go ahead and do that..


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        Hi Joster,

        When charging a badly sulfated battery and it hits a voltage plateau, it's telling you it's done. There is no more lead sulfate available to be converted back into sulfuric acid. Any further charging will only gass off from electrolysis and maybe create heat. ...............Time to start the slow discharge (R20 or less) to around 11 volts under load. Then slowly recharge to the new plateau.

        Keep doing this over and over going progressively lower (about 1/10 volt) on each discharge. It takes a lot of time to avoid further damaging the battery.

        Peter Lindemann lectured on this at the 2013 convention. You can get the video of his lecture here. Battery Rejunevation It's well worth the money!


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          if your entire circuit was not breadboarded it would run better especially the collector outputs, even bending the transistor collectors and soldering them to the diode directly then to the buss wire instead of thru the breadboard will help . what you are saying will work, just get big wire on there.

          Tom C

          experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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            I'm honored to have you guys helping me along! Merci!
            The vortex coil has 48 strands. I have been wondering if it would be a worth while thing to etch a board with my sg design pcb layout multiplied enough times to get to 48 or whatever and build a rsdiant osc out of all that! But I dunno seems pretty crazy. I plan to continue testing the three device sg circuit. I can't really build what I want right now but I will. Stoked I scored those batts too. Very exciting. Anyway, thanks to you guys I love the improvements very much and am pleased with the 32 A knife switch. Know I just have to figure out the right cycling method. But once I'm sure of the C20 for my bank I'll be good to go.

            I read something about only discharging at c20 as follows:
            Batt Capacity: 69.1 amp/hour
            Real Capacity : 60 amp/hour
            C20 Rating : 60/20 = 3A
            Therefore a bank of 4 of these batteries has a C20 of 3A x 4 Batteries = 12 A
            Just looking for confirmation here.
            All these batteries are in parallel.

            Also, unfortunately I am not having much luck with the cap dump method at this point. I tried charging just 2 of those 69 amp/hr bats with about 5A pulses every 1.3 secs or so for at least 24 hrs and they only raised from 12.3 to 13.4ish....Not sure whats up there...My 7.2 amp hr 12 V bats do love it though so i dunno....going to go radiant for now...maybe set up an experiment to measure battery charging efficiency....

            anyway talk soon