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    still learning.....since then I flooded another 7.2 amp hour gell cell and pulse charged it right up to 14.5 volts in minutes but the load test failed right away at 1 amp...I'm thinking i need to really dry out the gell cells before I put the alum in...I'm just alittle unclear as to how this is done? Do I just use a regular charger with the caps off the battery? How do I know when the cells are dry....just by visual inspection? I'm thinking of just converting this recondition RV battery (FLA) today instead....

    also another John's video his alum solution is opaque white but when I get mine mixed to the "slippery feel" it's still clear.




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      @Joster, actually, I don't think the battery should be completely dried. I was converted myself a similar battery to alum, which was not dried at all, and it was charged at SSG at 15,5 volts and discharged at C4 (1,7 amps/hour), just to see how good is it. The discharge last only 20 minutes, to 12,00 volts. This cycle was repeated 4 times, and the same results, 20 minutes only. I was going to prepare it for disposal, but i was thinking to try just one more time, and this time I left the battery on load at C24 discharge rate - I just let it with a led lamp connected, until death (0 volts).
      But... guess what? the battery simply refuse to die - the led's are still on, not so bright, of course, but from yesterday, at 12,45 volts /220 miliamps current draw, until now, there are more than 30 hours of discharge, and the voltage reading shows 10,55 volts, but only 50 miliamps current draw. Very interesting... Next time, however, I will do discharging with a resistor, maybe the load will be more constant. Anyway, from 10 minutes lasting battery to this 30 hours, it's simple unbelievable.
      Try it at lower discharge rate, I'm very curious if this behavior it's normal for a hybrid alum bat (non-washed acid battery + alum steroids).
      Here is a quick graphical discharge chart.

      _ chart sla 2014.jpg voltage in the left area, time stamp under the image

      Best regards,
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        Originally posted by BroMikey
        Hi Teodor
        I made some lighting like you did it. I had the aluminum and the acrylic plus the heat-sink epoxy the good stuff here it is
        I have 48 bulbs like yours at 1 watt each. I am making it a universal light for everyday AND when the power goes out, I will be showing it off soon.
        Mikey, this is a huge led lamp! If you will use 4 led configuration x 11 strands, probably the current draw will be 250 miliamps x 11 = 2,75 amp/hour
        Take care of short circuits, the led pin's should be straighten, so they wouldn't touch the aluminum frame.
        I have 1" stand off's that hold the lens over the led's. You can not see them.
        Actually, I can see them, and the idea of using stand off's it's a brilliant one, I was thinking myself for a kind of lamp for my kids's room, with stand off's.
        I work all day in my refrigerator shop and at play all night building. I am still getting 7 hours of great sleep so everyday I work like this. I think some people can not function on 7 hours sleep?
        I know how it is, I usually get 6 hours sleep, and early in the morning back to work. Thank Lord for coffee's.
        Thanks -A - Million for talking me into it. Mikey
        You are welcome. I like helping people, as I was also helped...
        Anyway, if everybody will share the good findings, our life in this world would be surely if not better, at least more interesting.


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          I must have missed something about the led build. I did not see where any of the leds were used in a parallel configuration. This would allow for more lights to be lit without increasing the voltage drop, just a little more current. I have been experimenting with 48 leds using 4 volts or more from a hand built water rechargeable battery. And they light up very brightly without loading down the battery.
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            The battery is a crystal type. I use alum, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate and activated charcoal. I put the mix in either a copper pipe with magnesium rod or plastic container with magnesium rod with multiple copper wires coming from the mix. I add water to activate the chemistry. A water battery. hehe. Distilled water. I found that more copper wires causes more current flow. You can also solder many copper wires to the copper pipe, need to presolder them to the pipe before filling. That is another thread.
            I listen to Alex Jones and I fight against the New World Order. Are you a flouride head? Великий Белый Волшебник