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Cu - Mg - Crystal Battery - 6 Volt Flash Light Conversion

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  • Cu - Mg - Crystal Battery - 6 Volt Flash Light Conversion

    Okay here I am going show you how I convert a 6 volt 3 LED flashlight to a Crystal Battery Flashlight. The light cost 12.00 at the hardware store and it came with a battery. The flashlight can hold 16 of the crystal batteries, I will build 16 and see how many are needed. Maybe all to get the candle power that I want, I don't know yet. I will mostlikely be using a JB occilator on this as long as I can get it working for 3 leds. Once done I should at least have a light that will when I push the buttom the darn thing works without having to look for batteries etc. And some day I will need to get a JB Crystal Lead Battery going.

    2012-10-04 17.26.50.jpg2012-10-04 17.26.59.jpg

    I have coming a bank of LED plant grow lights also, winter is coming and I want my hot pepper plants to keep on growing. I will start a new thread for this, not sure if it belongs here or another place, maybe one of the ops can help me out on that when the time comes.

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    Here is a battery assembly with out the mixture. The magnesium rod I am using is 3/4 inch in diameter the 3/8'' is the thickness. You want to make sure that the length of screw and the neoprine rubber stop the magnesium from reaching the bottom, slightly touching the rubber. When the batteries are stacked you do not want the crystal structure from breaking appart under preasure. There are no holes at this time yet in the thread end cap but there will be, will keep you updated on that.

    2012-10-04 20.42.10.jpg

    2012-10-04 20.42.57.jpg

    2012-10-04 20.43.39.jpg


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      Okay putting it all together now.

      The first thing that you will need to do is take out the resistors that go to the LED's and replace them with some wire jumpers. I used some end cuts off some resistors.

      2012-10-09 11.02.07.jpg2012-10-09 11.02.22.jpg

      The next is to put the lamp head back together. I put a 16v ZDiode inline with the positive lead. The crystal battery pack contains 8 cells. You will most likely need to play around with a few ZDiode to get the right combination. The better solution would be to use a John B SSG or modify the "earth light" circuit. My running voltage is just under 3volts. No heat no loss. I do not know how long it will run before the circuit needs to relax and snap back, but it will let you know.
      2012-10-09 13.17.31.jpg2012-10-09 13.28.13.jpg

      I used a battery holder converter that holds D cell size batteries. It did not come with the flashlight. To be cheap look for a flashlight that has one.
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        Here is a light stick and testing pack. It is made with 1 1/2 in plumbing pipe and an end cap, with a piece in side to provdie a nice fit for the cells. For a spring i used a door stop spring on the bottom. At the top I use a screw going accross to provide preasure down on the contacts.

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          Nice..thx for sharing this,ill make this stuff next month..cheers


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            This is great Nickle. Let us know about the time on when you know.


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              Okay an update, I changed the zeiner diode to a 3.3 volt, the average bright life is about 2.5 hours without a relax charge, a relax charge is just not turned on for 3 hours. The battery does not run out and the Led's stay on at a reduced level, this is the same with the first set of batteries and they are still running with a the same brightness after the second day. If I raise the temperature by a few degree's they come back to a sustained first brightness, (28.0c from 23c)


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                Did you start the LED plant grow lights project ?