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  • Crystal Mg Cu battery

    Hello everyone,

    am trying to make Mg Cu Alum battery,using 99,98% mg ingot,copper pipe and alum (not food grade).. at first as you can see in the picture, the Mg is clean and shiny, it give me constant short current 600ma-750ma (1,8v open, 1,1-1,2v under load) after i put treated copper with tissue as separator and alum water (not use cream of tartar on the alum solution, i give water daily basis for about 2 table spoon size) light up 40 white LED non-stop (i can read in the dark with this) after 1 month, am open the cell to observe,it seems the Mg corrode (there's blue-ish color on the alum, same with Geoffrey Miller experience, he post on the other thread) and Mg thinner than before (also there is some yellowish alum crystal on the Mg) am i do something wrong?anyone has advice?

    * this is how i treated the copper:
    1. heated the copper with butane gas about 5 minute (black color)
    2. Put on the heavy borax solution,wipe the black coat with finger, wash on tap water
    3. heated the copper until red glow hot with butane gas about 5 minutes, let it cool about 5 minute
    4.put on the heavy borax solution, wash on tap water
    is the copper have to be treated to make corpous copper first?or we can just use copper?is this the correct way to treated copper?

    * the separator is tissue with alum solution on it (not alum paste,the crystal is grow,the day before opening the cell,the crystal is rock solid)

    * the screw on the Mg is stainless stell, each connection on the copper and Mg is sealed with plastic glue to minimize contact.

    * this one cell can give me 500-700ma constant, i still have 40 Mg left... planning to run small monopole with this

    Any advice really helps...


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    additional pic


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      Those pictures just gives me "de ja vo".