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  • The Next Step and Pullys

    I have a working recreation of the SSG I am very pleased with. It does just as others report and I can run it continuously for a good 24 hours just by switching the source and charging battery every few hours. I am also currently testing 8 AA NiMH rechargable 1.2V batteries connected in serious at the output.

    Also, I am running a large metal fan motor on the shaft but will soon try placing a pulley on the shaft and connecting it to a PMDC windmill generator whose output I will connect back to the source battery. My hope is the mechanical energy being transfered to the rotation of the seconday generator motor will compensate for energy use of circuit. Has anyone tried this before?

    I am looking for some direction about how to up the scale and/or effeciency/overunity of the machine or build a new model.

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    Update on AA NiMH batteries. Before connecting at charge load, the voltage across all 8 discharged batteries was about 6V. After about an hour of running at night, I disconnected and measured the voltage in the morning at 10.5V. I have noticed voltage drops a few tenths after is stops receiving energizer input. That means although the batteries are rated at 1.2V, they are now at 1.3V.


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      Hi Benjamin, be very careful charging those AA types. They are fragile and tend to leak all the goody out when pushed with even a small ssg. Make sure you don't heat them. They should remain completely cold while charging. After about three days they usually spew. Really lead acid is all you should be charging but I have been able to charge them.

      What kind of build do you have? Wheel size? I like to see wat others use.

      I charge small stuff with converted computer fans. Got a few different sizes that I use. 9v batts. seem to charge tye best for me.

      The ssg isn't made for high torque loads. There are generator coils that can be used but not off the shelf types except maybe from Teslagenx. The window motor is designed for torque , you might check that out.

      Min2oly (Cool Joule) on youtube is a good place to learn from. A lot of good info there.

      Thanks for sharing your experiments.



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        I will keep a better eye on the temperature of them. So far I have not noticed this. I followed the begineers guide as closely as I could so it is a 21" diamter bike wheel and a 7+1 trigger 130' coil. Hopefully the voltage will remain.