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    Leedskalnin's perpetual motion Holder, I play with this to remind myself that all this radiant convergant energy is real.

    My first Bedini!

    My Present Bedini, 3 energizer coils, one double ac coil, not very pretty I know. Will work on asthetics when I know what I am doing and no longer making adjustments.

    My Radiant energy bible, have two copies one is a loaner; I cannot encourage everyone enough to read this. For someone not educated as myself, both fellows are very articulate and to the point, once of course you get thru the language barrier. But a few days reading with the online dictionary and wikepedia close at hand, things really do start getting thru. I am starting my 5th read of it. It is a slow pondering read.........@ 50$ it is a steal.......

    But of course with John,s signature, if I can sell it on ebay and make a million bucks, It will be transistors for everyone!
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    Interesting magnetic arrangement on the last one Frank. (Love the Leedskalnin btw)

    I assume its not a scalar arrangement (north against north)?

    Whats the wave form look like? Double triggering or double pulses per pass?



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      On the magnets; Yes it is scalar as Tom would say, sharp north as John would say, actually was just trying to copy the arrangement that John had on his 10 coiler that I could see from video. And they work really well.