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MJL 21194G - alternatives?

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  • MrRonsen
    thanks for all that answers..

    i ordered at
    the german service support of mouser from munich helped me,
    i am glad about inner european transport from paris.. so no ZOLL import tax!
    but i had to prepay.. no paypal yet...
    i got an "pro forma invoice".. i payed for 25 pieces of mjl21194 ONS, a good price per piece
    from a trustful company..

    by the way, we got a good thread-talk about negative resistance effect of transistors..

    thanks to RS for that insight again

    next days i get a (new) oscillocope UTD-2102-CM-R ,
    then i will check that behaviour too..
    thanks to all so far

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  • RS_
    Negative resistance at the junction when a transistor turns on, means that there is a longer time where there is NO Forward Current flowing. That means that the coil is seeing a pure potential voltage, with no forward current flow for a longer time, than with a transistor that does not go negative. Remember when the Edison Tech's would throw the switch on a high voltage DC LONG Length Transmission line, it would emit a glow and a stinging sensation before current would start flowing and quench the effect, that Tesla was studying and based his later tech on. It is extending this effect for as long as possible, is what JB is trying to achieve, by using these Part numbers that go negative.... The main stream physics would call this "changing the reaction cross section of the coil" in it's interaction with space time, or the aether. When this happens, because more of the aether was effected / Twisted tighter around the coil, makes the aether rebound faster and more magnified, making the output spike when the transistor turns off, MUCH higher in voltage, it's that voltage potential spike we are trying to collect into a cap, or into the battery direct from the diodes.......
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    Hi MrRonsen!

    Well did you tried digikey?

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  • Magnus M.
    Bipolarer Transistor | Bipolare Transistoren | Farnell Deutschland | Results

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  • Magnus M.
    Hi mr.Ronsen
    I had some problem finding the mjl 21194 transistors.
    I finally found them at " tx=mode+matchallpartial"
    But they are exspensive.

    Magnus M.

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  • blackchisel97
    Originally posted by BroMikey
    Hello fellow experimenters

    I was also noticing that the device MJL21194 was obsolete so I looked up the BIGGER PARTS like MJL4281 AND WHAT i FOUND WAS THAT THE MJL4281 was a higher voltage collector but lower ADC bases continuous.

    I don't know if the lower base current will pose a problem as compared to the MJL2194.
    No likely, but you may have to adjust base resistors. Also, be careful with some 21193/4 "replicas" from Asia. They may pop at much lower than original specs.


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  • Tom C
    2n222 mpsao6 mjl21194 2n3055 all go negative resistance at the junction... others do not. JB tested hundreds of transistors, mjl 21194 is the best. Tom C

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  • RS_

    MJL 21194G...

    MJL vs MJ is the build type ... TO-264 / TO-3/P

    it will work, it's the same transistor, just in a different case.....

    the TO3 is a little harder to work with and mount up is all.......

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  • MrRonsen
    at mouser you have to >> prepay <<
    i would like to pay with paypal...

    mouser prices are without tax
    the taxe 19% comes on top
    AND ZOLL is payed too.. the order comes direct home and not to the ZOLL?
    no lightinthebox-surprise? ;o)

    Incoterms: DDP (Zoll und Gebühren werden von Mouser übernommen).
    FedEx International, Express -- 0,00 €

    863-MJ15024 MJ15024G TO-3 250 16 15 60 <<<<<<< ??? is easier, better available

    1,85 euro (inchange china)
    3,05 euro(ONS)

    incl. taxes

    Inchange Semi Co Ltd
    A3 Bldg., Li Yuan Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214072, China China
    attentione: cheap china stuff ?? hmmm... more trustable ...

    ok i have ordered the orig mjl 21194g from mouser..
    i had to enter comany field with a dummy to choose later the 30 days billing
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  • Dutchswitch
    Mr. Ronsen,

    I always buy these transistors at Mouser, no problems at all.

    Go to, choose Deutsche Sprache, type 863-MJL21194G in the searching area and they should appear on your screen, if not, let me know.

    Freundliche Grüsse, Aat

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  • MrRonsen
    started a topic MJL 21194G - alternatives?

    MJL 21194G - alternatives?


    i freak out about searching and the buying conditions
    for that
    MJL 21194G .. in europe

    all online shops, that are relevant for end customers,
    are not suitable, they dont have these mjl 21194G listed..

    i can find distributors of the mjl 21194G.. but they are
    localized in america or other countries.. so i have to pay 50 bugs on top delivery?
    or ZOLL at home in germany!.. no, i can burn my money better..

    so what are suitable aquivalents?
    here i have a mouser pdf

    MJL vs MJ is the build type ... TO-264 / TO-3/P
    MJ21194G datasheet pdf datenblatt - ON Semiconductor - Silicon Power Transistors ::: ALLDATASHEET :::
    MJL21194G datasheet pdf datenblatt - ON Semiconductor - 16 AMPERE COMPLEMENTARY SILICON POWER TRANSISTORS 250 VOLTS, 200 WATTS ::: ALLDATASHEET :::

    863-MJ21194 MJ21194G TO-3 250 16 25 75

    so to get close to the the MJ21194G
    would a
    863-MJ15024 MJ15024G TO-3 250 16 15 60
    be close enough ???
    its not TO-264 but TO-3/P... but thats ok..

    !!! it must be available !!!

    what alternatives do you use ?


    MOUSER ON semi Gehäuse V CEO Min. (V) IC Max. (A) hFEmin hFEmax

    863-MJD200 MJD200G DPAK 25 5.0 45 180
    863-MJD200 MJD200T4G DPAK 25 5.0 45 180
    863-MJE200G MJE200G 77 40 5.0 45 180
    863-MJE1502 MJE15028G TO-220 120 8 40 -
    863-MJ15015 MJ15015G TO-3 120 15 10 70
    863-MJ15003 MJ15003G TO-3 140 20 25 150
    863-MJE1503 MJE15030G TO-220 150 8 20 -
    863-MJ15022 MJ15022G TO-3 200 16 15 60
    863-MJW328 MJW3281AGTO-247 230 15 50 200
    863-MJE1503 MJE15032G TO-220 250 8 10 -
    863-NJW328 NJW3281G TO-3P 250 15 75 150
    863-MJ15024 MJ15024G TO-3 250 16 15 60 <<<<<<< ??? is easier, better available
    863-MJW211 MJW21194G TO-247 250 16 20 80
    863-MJ21194 MJ21194G TO-3 250 16 25 75 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    863-MJ21196 MJ21196G TO-3 250 16 25 75
    863-MJL2119 MJL21194G TO-264 250 16 25 75 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    863-MJL2119 MJL21196G TO-264 250 16 25 100
    863-MJL3281 MJL3281AG TO-264 260 15 75 150
    863-MJE1503 MJE15034G TO-220 350 4 100 -
    863-MJL4281 MJL4281AG TO-264 350 15 80 250