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    It is 18Vx 2.25Amps, every second. but it does not LAST a whole second.

    My SWAG (scientific wild assed guess) is that the dump lasts 1/10 or 1/8th of a second.

    so that's 18x2.25Watts *0.1s. that gives you the joules it dumps (about 4):
    about 4 Joules every seccond, which again averages to 4W (measurable) electric
    'output' power. Scope shot would tell you exactly and by integrating the surface
    below the curve (waveform) you could get a better estimate.

    input is 12V*1A? looks like underunity to me....

    So if you charge the battery for any amount of time for an hour (3600 s) you've dumped
    3600s*4W = 14400 Joules or 4Whr into the battery.

    If you can pull out more than that from the battery before it reaches it's initial charge level or
    some low lever.... then you've shown that john Bedini is right and it's not the current that
    charges the battery.

    Anyone shown that yet?
    Anything wrong in what I said?

    Yves Baggi

    Originally posted by min2oly View Post
    Hi Mike,
    you're talking about this vid right:

    At about 6:20 John talks about the joules...
    the way I understand it is that the cap reaches 31 volts and then dumps into a 13 volt battery. So that's 18 volts x 2.25 amps per second according to his amp meter. Still very nice charging.


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      Hello to all, I hope you are alright.

      After a lot of time away from this I decided to re-start again.

      This time I am playing with a very small setup I have a rotor with 1 powercoil, and I am going to experiment with coil shorting.

      So I have this issue, I have another coil ( gen coil) that is going to be shorted and the radiant output will be stored in a capacitor, and I want to dump that cap into a third power coil.
      The dump of that cap has to be in the exact moment that a magnet is passing by, to push it. So I would use a reed switch for the dump timing, but what else can I use for the dump?

      An SCR? A transistor opened with the reed? An inverted transistor without using the base???

      About that (using the transistor in reverse) does someone have experience? , does all the transistors breakdown at the same voltage? Is the cap dumped completely using the reversed transistor???
      Alvaro Hernandorena


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        see your coil shorting thread for more info