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    Hello to all,

    During a period of enforced downtime there was the opportunity to do multiple SG testing to break in the new TET amp sensors and the computer data acquisition program. The tests as depicted in the .pdf's are many runs with two different wheels. The basic configuration here is 21 magnets on 23" OD wheels. One wheel has a low free spin time while the other exceeds 10 minutes of free spin time. It should be of interest to beginning and intermediate experimenters to evaluate the differences. The board is 8 transistor with a 12 ohm resistor option.

    The charge battery is a trusty and well abused 50 Ah that has lost most of its oomph over the past three years. Overall the system configuration and data are not optimized for maximum performance. More like real world pieces and parts and data - this machine will do much better... The Primary battery is a rejuvenated BMW 90 Ah unit, though its capacity is way below the original spec.

    The basic measuring instruments used here are as follows:
    1) TET amp sensors
    2) Craftsman DC Clamp on Amp meter
    3) BK test Bench 389 DVM - non RMS
    4) Extech 430 True RMS DVM
    5) Bell 100 Bike Speedometer for continuous RPM reads
    6) All the gap data created with plastic shims measured by a precision caliper. Gap was measured at a marked location on each wheel for the sake of consistency.

    The only purpose here is to present data in a reasonable format that can be shared - IMHO not enough of this type of information on ESF. The current video standard is not up to snuff without backup information.

    The presented data is a combination of hand notes and computer data. The actual data on the spreadsheet is derived from a time weighted averaging method.

    More discussion to come on the data. As always comments are welcomed.

    April 6th and snow in the forecast for next several days...

    SG WH 2016 Run Data.pdf

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