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    I use to take mine to 14.5 and they would settle at 13.6. That's when I get the full 14Ah out of them.

    Wow, you took that primary below 11V almost to 10V...
    Have you decided on a run time or are you aiming for a particular voltage?
    I love your generator winding to feed you cap dumper - sweet!


    Originally posted by BobZilla View Post
    This board is still kicking.

    I have it on a new machine I built, two coiler small wheel with normal magnets.

    Here is a run I just did on some 20AH lifePO4 batteries.

    This was a gen mode cap dump run AKA,,mode3 as shown by Mr. Bedini a few years ago on the conference video. The dump board is of my own design and does not do any comparator functions. I just adjust my dumps to the input to achieve my desired voltage/current.

    Charge Chart:

    Primary Chart:

    Here is a video I shot throughout the run. Something happened to the sound on the last section.
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      Thanks Patrick. I am still trying different runs on these. As I was saying in the video I am pretty sure I am asking too much out of those little batteries to supply around 1.5A for so long. They can handle that and more for short periods but I don't think it is the best idea for prolonged runs.

      I think I might try taking one of those 33kuf caps off and run the machine at lower draw like 700ma or so. I can play with the timing on the dump and the capacitor size to try and keep it at 24v or somewhere close. The setting I was using on that run is basically what I use on large deep cells, it did ok but I think I could do better with some adjustment.

      I will post another run after I tweak it a bit more.

      Realized I didn't really answer your question. On this run I was just trying one on the front and one on the back to see what would happen. I was just running it till the primary drained or the back got charged.

      Yea I brought it down to 10.23v, phone rang and whoops I let it go a bit longer.

      I am setting up a gen run right now. I am taking the cap dump off and will sort of be going a different direction. I am going to hammer the hell out of it. These things really seem to love the current so I am going to give it a steady drink and see. This timeI will put a more reasonable primary on. I know it's better to have a large primary but I still like to put equals on once and awhile to see how they do.
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        Originally posted by min2oly View Post
        Maybe you could add this little module to the arduino in conjunction with your solar panel to make sure your setup only triggers within a set range...
        This could help under low light situations, add some txt to change the freq as the clouds come in etc...
        Patrick A
        I am a little late to this thread. I used one of those voltage sensors in a questionable cap dump circuit I used for testing my SS SSG. Worked pretty well.

        You can see the sensor on the breadboard.