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Question in REF to Part 33 "forced charging"

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  • Question in REF to Part 33 "forced charging"

    Hi All,

    Question: I built a replica of JB's lab SG with 21 magnets and fan blade for governor. 7 leads with 1 trigger.

    Prior to modifying the schematic I could run this system with anything from 6 volts to 30 volts and all the happened is that the output increased as the voltage was increased while the input current rose slightly from 1 amp to 3.5 amp.

    I modified this schematic by the addition of the three diodes like the "dvd 33" forced charge and things have greatly changed. One diode is on the input positive, one is on the input negative and one is on the output going to the charge battery. It still works great but the tuning is very touchy and the voltage range at which it will run is a very narrow window.

    Any voltage beyond 13 volts and the system dies off. Does anyone know what is happening here? Not that it really effects the charging ability but the tuning has a very narrow band. Is this an impedance issue on the primary side?

    I am using a Lambda variable power supply on the front end.

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    put a battery on the front end... Tom C

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      Hi to all

      I saw part 33 and I notest that there are no neolamps or I dident see any neolaimp to protect tr. then in next sceen mr. Bedin disconected the charge battery and nothing happend (no light were blinking) and every thing worked like nothing hapend??????
      When I tried this at home I burend few tr. does anybody know how he does that ??


      In 34 minute mr.Bedini draws a sheme with a diode from ground to negative terminal of charging batery(red line) is it drawen correcly??? becouse at the end of movie of the same sheme is drawen diferent??

      with regards Stane


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        Hi Stane, I think you need to watch the DVD again. From what I recall John did not disconnect the charge battery whilst the machine was running.

        You are right that John incorrectly drew the diode at minute 34. The correct way is at the end of the DVD.

        John K.


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          Hi John

          You are right my mistake

          With regards Stane


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            stane had a good point about the missing Neons from the circuit. At the conference I did ask JB about that and he said that in Attraction mode the neon bulbs are not needed. Hope I understood him correctly as it was a bit noisy in the room. On my circuit in Attraction mode I still have the neons and when the secondary battery is disconnected they still blink. I haven't tried the circuit without the neons and see if the transistors will get fried. Does anybody know more about the missing neon bulbs?



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              Hi Mikey,

              Yes, that does make sense regarding the current in Generator Mode (forced charging). But I was still wondering about the missing neon bulbs from the SSG in the EFTV #33 video which was also at the last conference. The neons were missing from all the modes not just Generator Mode. No big deal, I was just wondering from the time I saw the YouTube video of Peter Lindemann assembling the SSG kit they were selling back then.



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                Are you asking for a safe way to disconnect the charge battery while running, there is no way to do that in any mode or configuration.

                The neons on any system are there for protection in case of accidental disconnects but they are not necessary on as long as you never unhook the charge while running. I would still recommend using them because sometimes you may have a battery that has too high of an impedance to accept the charge and the neon will tip you off to it or you may have a loose connection on your clips but when everything is sound you don't need them for the circuit to work.


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                  Thank you for the clarification. The neons are definitely useful as far as alerting you about problems in addition to providing protection. Wasn't aware that a sulfated battery with high impedance will also make them glow.



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                    Hi All

                    How beneficial is the steel rim over other rims?,
                    would it be fair to say the the rim becomes a south pole, and is utilized when the coil flips.

                    George N.


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                      They used to prescribe a non-magnetic wheel, but as things have developed it appears not to matter. Even John Bedini used a steel rim DVD 33 because it is easier to set the magnets. Aln


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                        Hi all. I asked about the rim being steel. It was explained to me that it works with steel fine but using aluminum is better. I used aluminum on mine as that is what was listed back then. If they are using steel and getting results then I'm sure its fine.



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                          Hi aln

                          I have No.33 as well, that's why i have asked the question!.

                          George N