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    Night before last, we had a fire in my shop, it destroyed all most every thing. if it was plastic, it melted..... It ruined the big Dan B. SSG...... it did not burn, but all the plexey glass supports melted and warped, and it will take a major rebuild to make it ever run again....... the tops were melted off the L16's, it also ruined several other projects that were in there, and all the electronic parts and equipment, pretty much ruined my life's work........ I feel like Tesla...........

    it also killed 50 baby chickins

    we are still not sure what started it............

    Luther, you need to come get the big Norman W. Motor, caps and equipment, as most of that survived, and before it rains on things very much................. if i can find a tarp, i will cover it.......

    it's gona take a long time to recover from this....................

    I will not be coming the the 2013 conference, i don't have any thing to show you guys now.......

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    Hi RS,

    Sorry to hear of the fire.
    A brutal set of circumstances that you're required to deal with.

    I would like to offer to make you a rotor on my mill, drill, lathe.

    Presently I have 2 pieces of material that are 1.75"thick and 12" square that and I could make one of them into a 11.9" rotor with your specs as far as mag slots. If there is a particualr material that you would want this size rotor (or smaller) made from, just tell me and I will take care of it.

    Please keep this offer in mind because it is a standing offer and I'm retired and have the time.
    If it would be of help to you, it would be my pleasure. You've always been totally helpful to me over the years.

    God bless you my friend,

    bro d


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      Hi RS_,

      Sorry to hear about the fire. The material items can be replaced but the time you put in over the years can never be recovered.

      John K.


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        Hey RS,

        I got some stuff layin around let us know what you need to get powered back up!

        Tom C

        experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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          here are pics of the 48 strand SSG with cap pulser back popper, and primary GC charger............... L16's, window motor, and my work bench......


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            Thanks All..... it really ruined just about everything.........


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              The 5 for 1 charger I was going to bring to the conference

              Would charge 5 sets of 4 AA battery's, from one set of 4 AA battery's that were charged on a R-Charge Universal Charger, would also charge from a small solar panel


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                dang thats just awful... any idea what started it? anyone snooping around your place recently?

                Tom C

                experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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                  Hi RS,
                  As soon as you can let us know, what we can help you with.
                  I'm sure that it's better for you to get right back into something.

                  I was about ready to contact you for help in building the unposted comparator.
                  Have all the parts but the 2 leads that leave the page on the upper right are one question at present.
                  Are they from a Voltage regulator?

                  thanks bro d


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                    For what it is worth RS_ I am also very sorry to hear of your bad news. Sounds similar to what happened to "The Daftman" over in Europe last year. May whatever faulty wire was responsible be brought to light so you never have to go though the like again.