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  • Valentin,
    Very long time I've been charging with fast following pulses. But after a while all the batteries start to loose its charge.

    So, now I am pulsing once (maximum two times) a second. Cap bank is 150000 uF. Pulse width (from 10ms) and voltage (18 to 25V) depends on battery. This way it is possible to control the charge and after this the battery is fully charged.

    Do not forget that it should be at least 2V above the battery after pulse dump.


    • Thank you!


      • Guy, are you talking about something like this?

        I haven't finished winding pick up coils, or selecting final wire size...
        KR - Patrick

        Originally posted by guyzzemf View Post
        thanks Bob we all seen the coil sandwich with 2 rotors it was just a thought to sandwich the magnet with coils guy


        • That is totally wicked Patrick! I so need a 3D printer....

          On another note, I recently watched your lite lenz generator video with your ultimate cap dump. You were using a couple rather small caps, 2x 470uF in parallel I think? Do you find that you don't need anything larger than that? That battery was huge in the video but seemed to like the fast pulsing.



          • leave it to you Pat to mix sandwich coil with magnets and sandwich magnet with coils, your setup is a lot more logical cool [Cool Joule]
            guy thanks Pat


            • So far i found that using a LCA can greatly improve output.

              i have tested this on one of my small setups and god a 110mA continues stream of enegy from this.
              i had about the same effect (only with a lower output current of about 75 mA) with the cap dump tuned into the faster discharge rates (my capdump is comparator driven and switches a few powerfull mosfets in parallel)

              i think what a capdump does is making the current appear.
              where radiant pulses are high voltage low amperage
              this cap dump converts it into low voltage higher amperage.

              a very simple build could be build i guess but...
              doing this with scr is a no go as most of the times they latch and your screwed.
              i think mosfets with a few zeners will do the same thing as there will be no device draining the mosfet (unless you pull it down somehow maybe a pnp transistor tied to the dumping mosfets source could do the trick?)

              i still think the linear current amplifier is the way to go. (atleast if you dont have to worry about sulphuric acid on your battery plates)

              capdumps do help to put that extra push into smashing acid of your batterys plates.
              so good you can REALLY hear it being audiable inside the battery.