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Wireless energy transfer between SG/SSG and other unexpected behaviour or effects

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  • Wireless energy transfer between SG/SSG and other unexpected behaviour or effects

    Hello all,

    i thought it can be very interesting to start a thread where we can exchange our observations while experimenting on
    our very various SG/SSG setups. The idea was born some days ago, when i observed the amazing energy transfer
    from a running motor to the other not running one on my table.

    See the video here:

    Is there anyone who can explain what is going on ?

    Mr. John Bedini, i will be grateful for your comment.

    Thank you


    PS. let me know please if there is a similar thread

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    The proximity of your dormant SG is rather close to your running model. Have you tried varying the distance from the other SG circuit and testing the effect? Could it be the effect on the lead ions from the radiant spike in one battery is affecting a larger area than the battery itself providing some other residual effect ? The radiant or ether energy is omnipresent perhaps just having the valve open as in our case which is when the radiant spike hits the battery a much larger stream is in fact now rushing into the general vicinity and affecting other materials in close proximity the same way??

    As Moray pointed out many years before in regards to harnessing great energy from this radiant source:

    "It's not the electrons, it's the ions."

    Anyway those are some of the thoughts I had while reading your post and watching your results! Thanks for pointing this out it's a very interesting observation!
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      Hi baloniman,

      Thank you for your consideration and assessment of this phenomenon. It seems that my observation would be here everyday thing.
      I was hoping there would be more members interested in clarifying the matter.....
      But yes, I have changed the distance to the effect ceased.
      The distance between the positive lead of the Capdump and the dormant SG coil is crucial.
      I think high current spike into the battery bank causes the energy in the coil and "rings" the oscillator circuit of the dormant SG.
      So it behaves like an ordinary receiver circuit for radio waves, except the primary battery's voltage increases (very slowly but it's rising)
      in this case. I wonder what happens, if i have multiple "receivers" in the vicinity.



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        Seems to me like they would all behave the same so long as the distance is the same. Does this effect lower the standard charging you'd expect from your cap dump to your battery ?? If not you could add many receivers and get even more energy ??