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Bedini Original machine FEG 1984

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    I am confused about the motor requirement. As someone mentioned, there is a need for a wound field DCmotor, giving no cogging when the pulse is off.

    Also, the pulse to the motor must be out of step with the pulse from the energiser.


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      I use the long and narrow coils. For the coil check out 'Real Inductor Model'.



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        Thanks Peter. Yes Wrtner, being in the dark with all this stuff is a constant thing for most of us. Only because one man pulled the plug on the funding for Tesla. Now that one man's descendants and a few other families still control things. But one day. Yet even now if we all work together nothing is impossible for us. Little pieces of the jigsaw added to make the complete picture. It's like following a trail of matchsticks left on the ground by someone who was kidnapped. One day that someone will be found and set free from the oppressors and all the world will be radiant. Call me a nutter, I don't care. This is not about making a machine so we can save a few dollars on our energy bill...nor is it about saving the earth from batteries in landfill....nor is it about so called climate change....Radiant energy is ours by right...the same as water...or any other resource. Yet in this age it is all locked up and kept from the masses. day soon things will change. John Bedini, who I have never met has been a wonderful steward of what he has been given. A good steward does not horde up for himself but sows it into others so that it brings back a mighty harvest, multiplying greatly from the original seed. One seed in...many out. Multiplication...overunity if you like..
        And it is happening..and accelerating...and it will surely burst forth into the earth AT THE RIGHT TIME... then we will all see clearly.. and the controllers shall serve us, but we shall help them to see too.
        My soap box...anyway... back to building a working machine!


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          Originally posted by D Rhodes View Post
          Thanks Peter. Yes Wrtner, being in the dark with all this stuff is a constant thing for most of us.
          I am not sure I entirely agree with you here. JB has provided a lot of detail and although some ingredients are uncertain, there will be variablility to some extent.

          It is important to stick to his basic constructs - wound field DC motor, (or a "universal motor", I believe), the two pulses out of step, an energiser not an alternator etc.


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            so the rotor is made out of iron, the shaft out of brass and the magnets are ceramic not neo, and the coil is capacitive wound (bifilar) do you know is it has 100% flux cancellation? or is it tapped at different point for inductor / capacitor ratio?
            very interesting motor