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Split positive ssg run.

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  • AlvaroHN
    Nice, I tried that the other day, but with solid state and low voltage, with 3,2 lifepo4 batteries, 2 in series, and 2 in parallel, and another 2 been charged by the solid state ssg.

    when the 2 in series got discharged, changed them for the 2 in parallel and continue to do that. if the first run gave me 5 hours, the second gave me 2,5 and the third 1,25 etc. aprox. I don't know if that is normal, or my batteries are crap or something.



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  • Allen R.
    started a topic Split positive ssg run.

    Split positive ssg run.

    Hi all. I've been trying to learn to run three or more batts in a split positive setup. My SSG seems to run okay. I should have had a good battery on the ssg charge side. That one will not charg over 6 volts anymore. I had to have something hooked to it. This was just a careful test to make sure nothing smoked. Lol! I'm going to have to get meters on everything and try to figure it out. I also ran a solenoid motor my son and I built and also a my1016 electric motor in place of the ssg. Charging is awesome with the my1016. With the ssg I can charge an extra battery. This setup seems to have possibilities. The clip leads have got to go.

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