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Problem with heat in base resistor solved

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  • Problem with heat in base resistor solved

    Maybe this is old news and known for years but I didn't find it but maybe it is new and
    maybe some of you tinklers can use this for your SSG machines.

    I finally understand enough of the system to solve some problems that I have been trying to
    tackle for a long time.

    One of the problems is the warming up of the base transistors and potmeters, I never really
    understood why this occurred and It should not happen in an energyzer.

    The problem is the blocking diode that is directly at the base of every transistor.
    In the reversed direction there is a current through this diode back to the base resistor that
    is generating the heat. You do need this diode or else the machine won't move (it will self resonate).

    The way to tackle the problem is a blokking diode before the resistor direct over the trigger coil.
    This is wasting a lot of unnecessary current so use a resItor in series with the diode and adjust it
    to the best performance.

    On the main coil there is a way to use the backemf as well as the radiant pulse without a problem and
    run a lamp om it or charge a cap on it to around 10V.

    By adding the signal of a generator coil to this cap you can charge a third battery
    without any costs of energy.

    I will explain it a YT Film.


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    how can i see the vid? its private