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    erfinder, can you display or describe your hall switching setup?


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      Originally posted by Brodie Gwilliam View Post
      erfinder, can you display or describe your hall switching setup?
      It's a 555 setup for monostable, triggered by a hall sensor. Nothing special.



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        Originally posted by Dave Wing View Post
        Hi all,

        Here are the remainder of the readings from the test run in the video.

        primary 13.0724v
        secondary 63.252v

        primary 13.0760
        secondary 63.519

        1259 HRS
        primary 13.0771
        secondary 63.532

        primary 130794
        secondary 63.681

        Any readings taken after this saw a decrease in voltage as per post number 3 of this thread.

        I have been thinking on what has been going on in this circuit and have only come up with this idea. The extra energy was really there! But only there because the impedance of the 5 battery bank on the secondary was high, because I had a dead battery in position 2 @ 10volts (If memory serves the dead battery was located second, when going from right to left in the video, it was also acting as the positive going to the bulb). Perhaps the extra impedance of the lead sulfate on the plates of this particular battery, in the five battery arrangement brought the power winding coil and the batteries closer to true resonance, hence the extra energy appearing within the circuit. This however is speculation at this time though.

        I will not be able to test this theory until Monday and anyone feel free to try it out.

        That basically describes the full details of this event.

        I have known about the trigger using energy for a while now and have commented on it in other sections of this forum a few times and yes the perceived problem is even stated in the SG Beginners Handbook as well. In the first place this experiment was purposfully not optimized for effiency in any way shape or form.


        Dave Wing
        Hi all,

        At this point and to be honest, I am thinking the gains possibly were masked and have been hidden in secondary battery rebound, associated with a higher resting voltage on the back end, because when the load, across the positives, was removed and the power was cut to the SG, the machine charging the backend batteries, the resting voltage on the back end continued to increase above the state when the system was running under both loads and in balance.

        What I speak of here possibly could be attributed to dead batteries seeking their resting voltages as I did have two batteries, not one as i said earlier, that were dead in the string of 5 on the back end, so there was a lot really going on with all this and I am not really sure one way or another of the true outcome, or what was initially stated when I started this thread.

        I have not done anything more with this since I first posted my last reply... Some time ago.

        Dave Wing