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    Originally posted by John_Koorn View Post
    Hey Dave, thanks for sharing all of your work.

    I wanted to share what I am experimenting with, which is similar to what you are doing. I'll try to explain, but will also do a video when I get a chance.

    I'm using the 3 battery switch as per the picture of John's you posted:

    BTW, one small correction. JB said if you can't understand this you won't be able to successfully build a Tesla Switch.

    What I am doing is putting an SG (in gen mode) where the load is on the above picture. What this does is pulse charges the 3rd battery with the difference of potential between the 2 series batteries and the single 3rd battery.
    The output of the SG is then connected to a 4th battery and obviously also charges as we would expect. The 2 series batteries do discharge, but at a slower rate than you would expect.
    Once the 3rd and 4th batteries are charged to ~15v (one will charge at a different rate to the other) I then switch the batteries around - the two charged batteries are placed in series, the lowest of the other batteries is connected as the 3rd battery, the SG placed as the load and the 4th battery is connected as the output of the SG.

    I have been recording the voltages of all 4 batteries over many repetitive cycles and have noticed that I am seeing overall gains in the sum of all the battery voltages. I have also done the same experiment with different sized and different types of batteries and every time I am seeing overall gains. This setup is like a self-running battery charging system.

    A couple of notes if you want to try this:
    1. Try and use 4 batteries that are the same
    2. Start off with small batteries until you can see what is going on and understand what is happening (large batteries will just take longer)
    3. Use an SG that can charge the 4th battery to at least 15v
    4. I am using the diode on the SG negative output, you may wish to try it without the diode (as Dave and Patrick are doing)
    5. You may have to let the batteries rest before switching - if the SG input voltage is >1V above the 4th battery voltage it will not run
    6. You can use a solid state or rotored SG
    7. You can run the SG in conventional or gen mode
    8. I have not tried using a cap pulser on the output of the SG yet.

    I didn't want to hijack your thread Dave, so I've started another thread for this as well - just wanted to post this here as it is similar to what you are doing.

    John K.

    Hi John K.

    Thanks for the correction about the quote for the Telsa switch and your input. Are you running the SG in Gen mode in position 1 of the diagram, but between the two negatives? Have you tried reversing the SG leads and if so what did you find?

    The way I have the small brushless motor set up will be changed to the way you are running your machine, between the two positives or the two negatives while a second SG is connected across the two charging a 4th battery. This way seems like it could be a good way of doing things and I will compare.

    My early results... I have found that my Conventional DC motor system configuration, which is between the two positives according to position 1 and was used periodically to recharge the primary battery, never drained the overall system when run. Voltages between the primary and secondary always seemed to end up at the near same place or even a little higher after a primary recharge with the DC motor. After a six hour rest the system seemed to have lost some voltage, the loss was very small indeed like perhaps .04 of a volt over the course of a 12 hour period but it could be attributed to overcharging the primary and wasting current this way. I need to do some controlled experiments to find out for sure.

    With all that said there has to be an optimum configuration for the best results and that will take some time to find out what that will be.

    Dave Wing
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