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Dual Charge Modes in a Single Battery!

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  • Dual Charge Modes in a Single Battery!

    Hi All,
    I have felt the need to start this thread to give clues on how a complete Gain in a Battery is affected by using Both the modes of Charging, that is Radiant and the Conventional modes.. doing this one can completely have nearly an Imortal Battery..Iterations will show that it will give you seemless Power ...
    One may ask how is it that Conventional Charging does not 'sulphate' the battery in the long would be expected.. the reason is that its not Conventional at all..a closer look on the sysytem operation will show up Radiant Interaction still occuring and hence the difference..!
    (A Conventional Charging is Symmetrical gauged both in the Charge and Discharge directions)

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    what does this mean? running a radiant charger combined with a plain dc charging? or using both sides of the inductive rise and collapse with a FWBR?


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      or even using a cap dump with a combined radiant output?


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        how about alternating radiant? High voltage pulse, (pure ssg) then current pulse (cap dump).


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          happy really long lasting battery is as follows:

          1- a good battery fully formed at its rated capacity
          2- charge with pure DC to 14.5 at C20
          3- pulse charge to 15..3 with cap dump
          4- pulse charge till 16 or so with pure radiant watch the battery when it cold boils you are done
          5- top off with distilled water AFTER charging, every time, or use a catalytic cap to recombine the oxy and hydro as its charging.

          you want a 100 year battery get an iron edison nickel battery
          Tom c

          Tom C

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            Interesting.... I've noticed that, after 'killing' my regular lead acid batteries by running them down to the point where my SG stops running.... then putting them on the regular DC charger under 2A deep cycle settings, and then charging again with the SG, I have made my batteries better... I have noticed that, when running them on the SG, they discharge slower, charge better, and also, I don't get a huge voltage difference from the charging voltage to the settled voltage anymore. When it's on the SG and reads 13.00V, and I shut it down, after it has completely settled, it won't be any less than 12.95V. It used to drop nearly a whole volt after settling!

            Also, I would like to ask if there happens to be a thread specifically for the bipolar sequential switch setup.