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Sourcing MJL21194's

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  • Sourcing MJL21194's

    Hello guys,

    I am back here after some years of absence here.
    I am looking around on the web for MJL's and normally these transistors are around 3 euro if you buy in bulk, still quite expensive if you want balanced components.
    Then I looked on Ebay and there you find a lot of 10 MJL21194 for $7 which is really a lot cheaper than one would expect. There is usually a catch with cheap Chinese so before I go ahead and buy many of them I thought to ask here if they are any good for our purpose.

    I am in the proces of (re)building a SS SSG 25-fillar 18AWG, this time hopefully with balanced components..

    Let me know what your experiences are.

    Thank you

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    Hi Floris,
    I bought 50 pcs twice from the same seller, they work pretty well for me..
    Make a voltage test since voltage may vary between them..