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SG With Large Comparator Now up and Running

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  • SG With Large Comparator Now up and Running

    Since January 1st I have connected the large comparator to the existing SG
    It is now up and running satisfactorily. The front battery is gel cell and the back battery is lead acid.

    The back battery starting voltage was 0.55 VDC. The front battery receives support from the 1AU

    Currently the machine is 'filling in the holes' at the back battery, in my opinion.

    The LED rate is 60 per minute, and the machine is running in attraction mode, as generator.

    For somebody like me, this is real progress. Cheers.

    The whole idea is to fully charge the back battery.

    The rotor speed is approximately 216 RPM.

    I have ordered the CBA and it should arrive in a couple days.


    Now for a short update.
    The original reading is correct: 55 100ths of one volt, DC.
    At present, the reading is 11.8 to 11.9 VDC.
    This is up from 11.52 VDC.
    It is in the forced charge mode. This means that two diodes are used in the circuit to the SG output terminal.

    I am following parts 33 and 34 of the EFTV series; also part 37, along with other information gleaned from
    the other parts in the series.

    Personally, I had some trouble understanding the circuit diagram. It was confusing.
    It turns out that one diode is required to be connected to the positive of the SG.
    The other one is optional, and if used, goes to the negative terminal. If both
    wires are connected to the same side, ( as in my case only ) it will not damage anything.
    And once connected properly, the machine will run and the LED will blink.

    Earlier, I checked the output with an o-scope and found that indeed it does produce direct current.
    The input to the comparator is the sharp gradient spike, and the output is smoothe direct current.

    The adjustment at the trimmer is for the pulse rate.

    - Coye


    Update #2
    1. The first battery - the one that read 0.55 vdc is epic fail, ready to be recycled.
    Bon voyage, battery #1. Except -- tomorrow will be another day, and the computerized
    battery analyzer . . .

    2. Battery #2, 300 CCA instead of 230, responded to the 1AU by taking a charge.
    Unfortunately I do not yet have a 10A12. Hello, Teslagenx or Tesla Chargers?

    3. Battery #3, a gel cell, and fairly new, is still charging after 4 hrs. Previously
    it charged to 13.3 vdc at the 1AU. After 4 hrs, it is knocking on the door of 12.97,
    up from 12.59. And the front battery is at 11.68, presumably down from 12.40.

    This concludes update #2.



    This will be Update #3

    1. The previous notes were made yesterday and last night up until midnight.
    2. Today, Tuesday, was/is receive CBA day. But the neighborhood kitty cat slipped past
    the door while a I was receiving it, and, well, goodbye little kitty . . .
    3. As I was writing the "3", the CBA arrived. In the following comments I will
    anticipate questions and provide answers.
    4. What it is: CBA IV.
    5. For more information, check with
    6. Comes with a DVD because it is software driven.
    7. In the box is also a USB cable, a pigtail adapter, and a spare fuse.
    8. Operating Manual.
    9. Need a PC with a Pentium 233 or better, and either 32 or 64 bit technology, w/Windows.
    10. Other stuff not given here.

    Until I get going with this thing, I will be happy to take questions, comments, suggestions.
    Start looking for a new post in this thread, then.
    This concludes Update #3 for now.

    - Coye
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    This is a charge graph of battery 00, as given by charger connected to mains.
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      Discharge One Amp Graph ( pic )

      This a graph made while preparing Battery 00 to be charged by an SG.
      Discharge One Amp Graph.jpg


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        Battery 00 Being Charged with the SG

        Showing battery 00 being charged with the SG. Greeting.

        Charge Battery 00.jpg