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Running an SSG from Primary battery connected to TST5?

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  • Running an SSG from Primary battery connected to TST5?

    I thought I read a post here a while back that alluded to possible issues if you run an SSG when A TST5 is connected to the primary but I cannot find that thread. I could also be mistaken...

    So... Is there any issue running an SSG from a primary battery connected to a TST5?



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    Answer is No. Quote from post

    Some have asked if you can run an SSG off the charger ? The answer is NO unless it is completely filtered any spike will short the output amplifier.
    These chargers are intended for ""Batteries only"", do not boil water or anything like that, charge batteries only. Take your power from the battery and make sure that the charger is disconnected when you run an SSG, to run the SSG come to the conference and learn about this type of charger. The SSG can be converted in generator mode to use this type of charger to charge batteries with a special circuit to do the conversions.
    Please do not do that or you will destroy the unit.
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      Originally posted by jelloir View Post
      Yeah that was JB's reply i recollect it..
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