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Kromrey 2021 update

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  • Kromrey 2021 update


    Been working my ass off...built a cnc router, learned cad and cam then made protoype chassis for kromrey that can be done out of mdf/baltic birch easy cheaply and accuratley, same goes for rotor (minus the wood part). Question, in my first build i used the amazon's choice carbon brushes and copper pipe for the slip ring assembly. damn series restance of each of them was 3 Ohms! Where the carbon brushes of low quality or what? using copper pipe and small diameter metal rod for now good thing about the output is the leads dont need to be large guage. Here is some content of what i have been doing. the reason i have such a hardcore case on the kromrey is that if something fails on the rotor i want it to stay inside and not fly out (had some near misses eary on) anyways the added weight really makes it solid and can help deal with the imperfections of the spinning dynamics of a garage built 3000rpm generator. might get a small lathe, we will see how well crypto does this year lol.....



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