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Nathan Stubblefield Heater re Jeff Rense & "Lost Science" by Gerry Vassilatos

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  • Nathan Stubblefield Heater re Jeff Rense & "Lost Science" by Gerry Vassilatos

    I was wondering if Mr. Bedini or anyone else here might be able to provide me with an guidance on reproducing the Nathan Stubblefield heater that Mr. Bedini mentioned when he was on the Jeff Rense show around 2004. This same device is also described in Gerry Vassilatos' book Lost Science. Although I suspect details mentioned in this book and identical texts on various internet sites are not sufficient to actually reproduce the device.

    I am new to this forum. So please forgive me if this topic has already been discussed ad nauseum.

    Thank you.

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    I thought I'd try one more post to see if any is has any experience with the device I'm referring to. Here is a quote from John Bedini's site Stubblefield describing the heater.

    Neighbors had not seen Nathan for several days. As they were worried about his health, they attempted to call on him. The lock was secured from the inside. It was a lonely, cold and rainy March day when old friends and neighbors broke the lock on Nathan's cabin and entered. He had passed away in his bed, the probable victim of malnutrition and fatigue. They all noticed that the interior of the cabin was "toasty warm", as if heated by a strong fire. Moved to locate the source of this heat, town officials found " two highly polished metal mirrors which faced each other, radiating a very great heat in rippling waves"

    Thank you.


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      nope.... no one has ever seen a stubblefield heater. there is a boook by a well known reseacher on the subject.... the book sold here is pretty good. I had a fairly long conversation with the author over the phone a couple of years back. the batteries are the real thing as is the ground radio. JB replicated that aspect fairly well.

      Nathan Stubblefield, Kentucky Farmer Invents Wireless Telephone, Radio by Bob Robert Lochte

      Tom C

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